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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Friday, October 13, 2017

Vibrating to the Law of the Imagination

In the Universal Laws, there is a law called the Law of Vibration.  Everything in the Universe Vibrates. The law states that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in it's purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. All matter, thoughts and feelings has its own vibrational frequency. So, for most of us we have to change our pattern or frequency so that we are able to vibrate on a different level to achieve different realities, we should understand the Universal Laws.  These laws are without religious affiliations because they are Univeral Laws given to us by those entrusted with the word of God.

How do you change your Vibration, you may ask?  You change your vibrations by beginning to change the way you think and act or response to life circumstances.  We must understand that peace is our essential nature and responding peaceful should come easy for us.  However, for most people it does not because we have been taught that it is okay to respond with emotion. What most people fail to understand is that emotions are link to our organ system in our bodies and they (emotions) create havoc on our bodies and in our organs. Anger is  the chief emotion associated with the Liver.  So many people in the world are angry, which explains why so many people are ill.  But, as always God has provide a solutions to this overwhelming problem.  Vibrating to the Law of Imagination allows you can change your behavior by reprogramming your spirit through the Law of Imagination.

Some Background on Imagery

Ra Un Nefer Amen states in his book, Maat the 11 Laws of God,  there is scientific evidence for the ability of imagery to modulate and program behavior is so overwhelming that it is not far fetched to charge the powers that are responsible for cultivating the behavior of the populace with criminal intent.  How many people know that they behave in a certain way or suffer certain illnesses because of the images they habitually picture in their minds as a response to a certain type of situation?  Some people get very sick because they habitually and strongly image themselves in the worst state of health in response to certain symptoms.  Lacking in all nations is a systematic education program to
teach people to use this very powerful tool.  It was given to man by God to enable him/her to program whatever behavior is deemed desirable.  Ignorant that the imagination is a programming tool, people accept the most detrimental images that enter their sphere of awareness.

 Understanding the Law of Het Heru (Imagination)

Often times we think that God just set us here on earth without any set of plans on how we are to succeed at life.  I have found that there are indeed a multitude of information out there and a multitude of people teaching the information to help one grow and develop.  Some people are quite sincere in their approach and others are just out to make money.  The best way to not get caught up in the game is to commune with your higher self and ask for guidance and direction.  Often, this will send you in the right direction for you to absorb the information you need to grow.  Since I have been a student for more than 30 years in development, I can only expose you to the teachings that have worked for me.  As I am not at a level to call myself an expert, I can certainly attest to my own growth and development using these methods.

Het-Heru means "House" (het) of Heru,  indicating the imagination must be controlled by the will, and that imagery is the chief means (as opposed to verbal thoughts) of expressing the will.  The association of the imagination to Heru, further states that we are free to choose which images will be allowed expression in our minds. Imagination is the means used to change your behavior.  You have to begin to imagine the behavior changed.  Imagining the behavior changed is the product of using your will.  The more you visualize, the easier it is for the subconscious mind to absorb the new picture and begin to produce that image in your daily life.  Although there are many techniques available to teach you how to change your imagery, such as meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery these are not always successful in the liberation of man.  It is the liberation that we are all seeking. We all must understand that we are Divine Beings made in the image of God.  Made in the image of the Greatest potential known. Which means we have this same potential.  Not in quantity but in quality.  This concept is so hard for most people to conceive.  However, it is still true. 

Guided Imagery, Meditation, Hypnotherapy as practice in the West will not assist you in your liberation because it does not take into account the transcendental powers slumbering in the spirit of the person, while accepting the limitations that are merely true for the present stage of the development of the subject.  On the other hand, meditation and therapeutic scripts used in an eastern setting in most cases are based on man as a divine being but also fall short in the liberation. One must establish in their spirits, the 11 Laws of God, the Universal Laws and a lifestyle conductive of living as a Divine Being.  We can certainly use imagery to visualize ourselves at peace in an adverse situation.  The peace will follow as sure as it follows the image of us cringing in fear, or inflamed with anger in the same situation.  In fact, that we are angry or afraid in such situations is not due to the situation being vexing or frightful as the masses believe.  These emotion manifest because we image such responses supported by our belief that it is natural to react in such a manner.  Yet,we are free to image and believe--better yet, know what we may. Please let me make on thing clear. Not responding with an emotion to a situation does not me that you should not do anything about the situation.  It just means that peace is you essential nature and you always want to be peaceful; however, you might have to fight for your rights, you just need to be peaceful in your approach. Because through peacefulness comes great insight on how to access the situation and achieve the victory.  So use your imagination to change your behavior so that you are victorious in your life.  Are we human or are we Divine Beings?  You must make this choice for yourself!!

In La'Kesh (I am another yourself) Peace, Blessings and Victory!!!

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