"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Monday, January 30, 2017


 I have aligned myself with the most incredible people on the planet.  They feed me in so many ways. I opened my facebook page this morning and this is what I say.  What a wonderful way to awaken to the work on a Monday morning, Thank You Ayana Gregory, I love you!!!

May the executive order spark the Executive Spirit of love, fearlessness, and justice! If there was ever a time to get clear on our purpose, it is now. The walls are crumbling down,  The darkness is on its way out and trying to take willing participants with it.  Know that your light has the support of the Universe, the Creator, the ancestors.  My spirit has been waiting for this moment.  Stay prayed up, meditate, levitate, radiate...your light.  The ugliness that we are witnessing is absolutely nothing new.  This Empire/Emperor never did have new clothes.   It's just that now, it's being witnessed in broad daylight.  Halleluyah! What an amazing opportunity we have to finally get it right; not just throw some cough suppressant on it, but really get it right.  This is the best times and the worst of times and we, my Loves, are right on time.  We were born for this, we were built for this.  Everything we need, we have.  Everything we seek, we are.  As the chaos unfurls, step away from the noise and the hype.. and listen.  Open your hear, stretch your hands up to the heavens and lay your feet upon this sacred soil and listen for instruction.. and then move...fearlessly...knowing that the whole Universe is backing you! Our DNA remembers and recalls...and this moment doesn't even come close to our "darkest days"' Nothing that has ever been done to us has prevailed in breaking us.  This moment is sharpening and strengthening us in ways that we can't imagine.  We are transformers...magic makers...then, now and always!  And remember that we don't have to use the weapons of our so called "enemies".  Their hatred and aggression are born out of fear, insecurity, disconnectedness from Spirit.  And they're desperately clinging to a sinking ship that is destroying itself from the inside.  In the face of their mightiest weaponry, let us disarm them effortlessly by collectively vibrating on a frequency of love and light!  Let us call on every force of nature, every powerful Ancestor, every super power that lives in our DNA.  The most powerful warrior is the one who is the most still, who is able to move without moving..who has becomes one with God and Mother Nature.  All we have to do to eliminate the darkness is turn on the light!  Be the light. Tune in to your radio station, the God within you is talking to you right now!

"Can you believe that your heart can open this way, Can you conceive we can change the world in a day...starting today"~Chosen One
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