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Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Dogon People Part 1

The Dogon Tribe is a group of about 100,000 individuals who live in Burkina Faso in West Africa.  They live around the Bandiagar Cliffs, where most of them dwell in caves.  Until about the last century, it is said that these farming people were relatively secluded from outside society.  They kept to themselves, continuing their tribal traditions.  If their seclusion is fact, it makes part of their oral history and religion rather mysterious to the rest of the world.

Dogon religion and oral tribal history avers that they Dogon Tribe was visited by aliens from the Sirius star group long ago.  These aliens were amphibious beings that bestowed their knowledge of their home on the Dogon.  The Dogon call these aliens the Nommos.  It would appear that the Dogon had extensive knowledge of the Sirius star system before the outside world had a chance to give it to them and without a telescope, which would have been necessary to gain this information without being told it.  Whether they received this information from the Nonmos and whether the Nommos truly exist is another mystery altogether.

Sirius B is a star that is invisible to the naked eye. According to anthropologists who visited the Dogon in the 1930′s, the tribe was aware of the existence of this star, which they call “Po Tolo.” Furthermore, they knew every detail of the white dwarf near Sirius B. They knew the length of its orbit in years, the shape of its orbit and the fact that the white dwarf is quite dense. The Dogon also say there is another star in the system that they call “Emma Ya.” Thusfar, Emma Ya has not been found by astronomers. Of course, it may not even exist.
Dogon, an African tribe living in the Mali republic in the sub-Sahara, know that Sirius is a binary star system. This information is impossible to obtain without using modern telescopes. Not only that, but the figure of 50 years that they allegedly claim for the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A is absolutely accurate......· Amma is the Dogon name for Amen. Amma is described as the intelligent consciousness behind all of creation and the awareness within all beings. Amma is 'He Who Rests Upon Nothing'.....As stated, the debate among the Western-minded concerning the Dogon has centered on the fact that the Dogon know details about the Sirius A,B, and C star systems......Men such as Robert Temple and his book The Sirius Mystery pose all sorts of bizarre and overtly racist notions as to how a 'primitive' African nation could possibly have detailed astronomical knowledge of neighboring star systems. However, in this brief survey of Dogon descriptions of celestial objects, it can be seen that they have knowledge as to how the entire galaxy is structured, not just the closest star system.
I researched this information and found what is written from Awakened Melanated Supremeness.  I am very interested in the Dogon people and will be posting a series of articles.  One of the things that interest me about the Dogon people and the Mayan people is that in the Mayan calendar system that I write about often, the new year begins on July 26, with the rise of Sirus.  More to come......

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