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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hymn To Auset

Hymn To Auset
The High Goddess of Ancient Egypt

I call upon you, Auset, most graceful and high of the High Ones 
Hear your lowly servitor and grant your blessings 

Most full and gentle 
You whose crescent moon and stars 
Encompass the world

Wave your arm, and strew the glittering dust of many worlds 
Like seeds to be planted in the vast blackness of space 
Step gently across the bridge of many colors 
And rest in the mountains of flowers I wish for your offering 
That they may shine

Swell the fruit of the land, make mother with child 
Cause flying birds to nest, and bees to swarm 
Make the endless procession of life grow full and bountiful 
Bring water to the well and rain to the clouds 
Cause your veils to fall upon barren earth 
And make it holy

Bring warmth and richness into the hearts of men 
O essence of joy without end 
Radiant, beautiful, like the sun rising on a clear morning 
Scattering the clouds and mists of the night 
Into glittering droplets

Stand shining from that cloud which I see above me 
Dance on the blossom growing by the fence 
Bless the kettle in which I cook my food 
Shine your light, that I may read by it 
The wonders of heaven and earth

Call forth fruits in great abundance
Mangos, plums, and sweet cherries 
Milk and wine, honey and oil 
That men may grow with life and health 
Like shining bubbles around a waterfall 
Rising and falling

Smile down upon us, that we may see you, great mother 
Set foot upon a flower, wife and lover of sunlight 
Spread your innocent radiance through the skies, untouched one 
That the earth may resound with your praises.

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