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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Anetch Hrak Ausar, lord of eternity
King of the Neteru, many of names
Holy of creations, hidden of forms in the temples
Whose ka (divine self-image), chief of Tchettu
Great one contained in the temple of the Shekhem
Lord of praises in the Athi city
Chief of the sacred food in Annu
The Lord who is commemorated in Maati
Hidden divine soul (Ba), Lord of Qert (the holiest part of heaven/mind)

Holy One in White Hali
The divine soul (Ba) of Ra, of his very body
He is satisfied with his offerings in Suten Henen
Abundant of praise in Nart
Hath become exalted his divine soul (Ba)
As Lord of the Great Temple in Khemennu
Great one of terror in Shas-hetep
Lord of eternity, chief of Abut

Extendeth his seat in the Land of Holiness,
Established of name in the mouth of mankind,
(with) the two-fold Paut of the two lands,
(with Atem the chief of the kau (divine persona images),
(He, Ausar is) Chief of the Paut Neteru.

Enlightened beneficence among the enlightened spirits
He draweth from Nu his waters
He bringeth along (to himself) the wind of eventide
and air to his nostrils to achieve hetep in his heart soul (Ab)
He creates with his will (Ab)
he produceth illumination, the divine food.

Obey him heaven (the mind)
and "planetary intelligences
he maketh to open the great gates
Lord of praises in the southern heaven
Adored in the northern heaven
The stars which never diminish
Are under the seat of his face.
His seat are the stars which never rest. 

Cometh to him an offering by the order of  Geb
The Paut Neteru ('gods') praise him
The limits (which are not!) of heaven
make supplication when they see him
Those who are among the Holy ancestor (Shepsu) fear him
The two lands give praises in meeting his majesty
The illuminated master, chief of masters,
of divine rank, established of dominion.
Harmonious spiritual power of the Paut Neteru
Gracious of face, beloved by him that seeth him
He putteth fear of him in all lands
Through love of him (those who love him)
They all proclaim his name before every other name.
Make offering to him all men, 
The Lord who is venerated in heaven on the earth
Greatly praised in the Uak fevtival
Make to him cries of joy, the two lands.
(he is) The great One, first of his divine brethren
Prince of the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life)
Establisher of Maat through the two lands
Placer of the son (Heru) upon the throne of Geb,
his great father 
Darling of his mother Nut.

Great one of the double strength
He casts down Seba, he hath slaughtered his enemy
Placing fear of his self into his foe
Placing boundaries through the firmness of his will, His two feet are lifted up.
Heir of Geb and sovereign over the two lands
He hath seen the power of his word (Khu)
To give command, to lead the lands
by his hand to the end of times.
He hath made this earth with his hands
Its water, its air, its green herbs, its cattle, its birds
It's fishes, its reptiles, its quadrupeds.
The desert is by right to the son of Nut
The two lands are content to crown him
On the throne of his father (Geb)
Like Ra he riseth on the horizon
He giveth light through the darkness
He shineth with from his plumnes
He floodeth with light the two lands.
Like the sun (Aten) at early sunrise.
His crown pierceth heaven, he is brother of the "star-gods"
The guide of every neter, working by command of word
Favored One of the Great Paut Neteru
Beloved of the lesser Paut Neteru.  
Hath made his (Auset/trance) his protection
Driving away destructive words, turning back evil
Uttering the world with the divine will (Khu) of her mouth,
Perfect of tongue, not erring of speech\
Operating by decree and word.
Auset, the strong on, the avenger of her brother,
She sought him without weariness (with devotion)
She went round about this earth in sorrow
Not alighted she without finding him
She made light with her feathers

Bringing forth wind with the action of her wings
She made cries at the coffin of her brother
She raised up from inactivity the one still of heart
She extracted his seed, and made their heir(Heru)
She sucked the babe in solitariness
Not known is the place where in she reared him.

 His hand is mighty within the house of Geb
The Pau Neteru rejoice at the coming of the son of Ausar,
Heru the established of heart (MenAb--firm will)
Whose word is deed (Maa Kheru), son of Auset, Heir of Ausar
Gather to him the sovereign princes of  Maat,
the Paut Neteru and Neb er Tcher (the Supreme Being) 
himself, and the Lords of Maat assemble therewith. 
Verily, those who repulse faults rejoice in the house of Geb
to bestow the rank of leadership to his lord.
The sovereignity of his righteousenss
hath found the voice of Heru to (Maa Kheru)
He hath come forth crowned by the command of Geb
He hath received the scepter of the two lands
The white crown is established over his head.
He judgeth the earth according to his plan
Heaven and earth are beneath the seat of his face
He (the will)commandeth men, spirits, the dead, etc.
The lords of the north, and the sun (Aten) are under his plan,
And the celestial waters, the staff of life, and every herb.
Nepra giveth his green herb
The lord of Tchefau food give abundantly
Everywhere there is joy, hearts are glad, hearts rejoice
Every face is happy, every place adoreth his beatuties.
Doubly sweet is his love to us
his active goodness goeth around hearts
great is his love in everybody,
and they do what is right to the son of Auset.
His enery hath fallen before his wrath,
The maker of evil at the utterance of his voice
Shooting forth his wrath

In his season cometh unto him (Ausar) the son of Auset
The avenger of his father
Holy and beneficent is his name
Awe resteth in its seat
Established everywhere are his laws
The path is opened, the roads are opened
Content are the two lands
Wickeness departeth, evil goeth away
The earth is at peace beneath its lord
Established is Maat by its Lord
It giveth its back to iniquity.
Glad is thy heart, Unnefer, son of Auset
He hath received the white crown
Is his by the rank of his father
within the house of Geb
He is Ra when he speaketh
Tehuti when he writeth
The judges are content. 
What hath decreed for thee they father Geb
let it be performed even as he spake.

May be given a royal offering to Ausar
Governor of Amenta (the metaphysical world), Lord of Abut.
May be given sepulchral meals, oxen, fowl, bandages, incense,
wax, gifts of herbs of all kinds the power to make
transformations (Kheperu), the mastery of the Nile,
appearance of the living divine soul (Ba), the sight of the sun at
dawn every day, entrance into and exit from Restau,
  not being repulsed in the divine realm, reception among the holy
ones in Un Nefer, receipt of cakes, coming forth before the 
altar of the Supreme Being, breathing the sweet wind of the north.

(Taken from the book, A Nuk Ausar, I am an Divine Being) by Ra Un Nefer Amen.
In La'kesh, (I am another yourself) I send you Peace, Love and Joy in your Divinity.

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