"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala


Monday, May 25, 2015

The Door Between Worlds

The Union of Worlds
I listen to the whispers of
The small, still voice within,
I feel the awesome power of
The sacred mystery therein.

And there within the mystery,
Of the material and the unseen,
I discover my own true essence,
When the two worlds convene.

I connect with the essence of
My spirits state of grace,
While I learn to embody
The sacred lesson I embrace.

           I stand between the two worlds           Holding both Sacred points
           By knowing that the two are one.            My sacred journey begins anew.                                                                                                                                                                                  --Jamie Sams 

While I don't know if many of you have a spiritual practice nor do I know how many of you are really serious about your practice, connecting with spirit is the most wonderful thing there is for me.  A few years ago, I was sitting in my chair meditating and in my meditation I came across a dark blue door.  The door had the look of this door but not so ornate. I knew that it was a Deity door and I knew which Deity.  I did not for some reason turned the handle on the door, I think I might have been a little fearful and anxious.  I have not been back to that place in my spirit since but, I do long to get back there and open that door.  I know it is some place I will revisit when the time is right.

I have been going though a major transformation since 2008, although I did not know that in 2008, I was going though a transformation.  At that time, it was very subtle. I did move from the east coast of the United States to the west coast of the United States basically because, I wanted to live in a different place to add some adventure to my life.  So, I guess we would think this was a deliberate self impose transformation.  Actually, it was not something I thought of at the time.  I am that kind of person adventurous, curious, fearless in many ways.  Ready, willing and able to do new things and to live in new places, often without being completely sure how things will work out but trusting that things will work out as they unfold.   I do often have a plan but I have found that the Universe will laugh at your plans and its plans will out rank yours.  And while it is true that we co-create our life, they are often bumps and turns that one does not expect.  You may end up where you were going but it often will not look anything like you thought it would.  It is often through these test that changes us and refine us to become better people. 

My transformation became much more intense in 2012.  I think that was the beginning of the Uranus and Pluto opposition and since Pluto was in Capricorn, and I am a capricorn,  I really felt the brunt of it and many things just stopped.  How did I get through all of this energy and perceived stagnation?  Well let me tell you.  When you are going through a major transformation and nothing seems to go the way you want it to, you first need to stop and recognize where you are so that you can move yourself into the transformation and not fight it.  Fighting it will get you no where and who are you fighting anyway.  Once I realize that I was indeed in a transformation,  the only logical thing for me to do was to go with it.  I began assisting the transformation.  I was not quite sure how to assist the process.  I look at everything and wonder what would serve.  Since I did not have control over what was happening to me, I thought that the only thing I have control over is myself.  So how could I serve myself for a higher purpose.  I decided that I would begin walking everyday and meditating everyday.  I wanted a garden on my patio so I grew flowers to have something beautiful to look at as I sat in the sun and absorbed the energy of the sun.  I read a lot and I developed this blog.  I did not have much money so I dealt with it the only way that I could.  My rent was paid, so I got food stamps and I ate.  I was in school, so I did that and studied.  But, that was the extent of everything and it became ok.  My life was definitely the most different life then I ever imagine it would be.  Sometimes I was ok with things as it was and sometimes I was not.  It was not easy but it became doable.  I did not get depressed but I was confused and had to take it one day at a time.

There did come a time when things got worst.  I did lose my rent provider and had to move out.  Still not earning much money and fearful of what would happen,  I trusted the process and things worked out.  I move three time in one year because of not being able to pay rent. I could not believe this was happening to me but it was and I had to just go with it.  The Universe did send me some remarkable people to aid me. Great friends help me move through the all consuming fire.  I did feel like a Phoenix, the mythical bird that burns up and is reborn.  And ironically,  I was in Phoenix, Arizona in the freaking desert.   I remember before I came there I had a reading done by a women who from time to time did life readings for me.  She told me that I had agreed to do some work in Arizona before I came back to earth so in actuality, it was time and Arizona was calling me and not the other way around.  I did not choose Arizona, Arizona chose me.  

This transformation is still going on although not as intense as I build this new life for myself. Finally,  Uranus and Pluto have done their thing and are moving away from each other.  Making life just a little bit more tolerable.  I do understand why I had to come back home even though it was not my plan.  I submitted to the Universe plan and made my way back.  Once I decided to do that, everything opened up and money just started pouring in for the move. It was truly amazing to witness the experience.  It was the best thing for me and I am grateful.  I am grateful for so many things and people and pure love.  

Now for the really interesting part.  The transformation is not over.  As most of you who have be keeping up with the blog, I am a White Wizard.  A White Rhythmic Wizard in the Olmec/ Mayan traditions.  I have discovered that these two groups of people are really one group and their origin is Kamitic. ( Another story).  On July 26, 2015 is the beginning of a new Mayan year.  It will be a White Planetary Wizard year.  Planetary energy is all about manifestation.  So that is where I am headed and all of this transformational energy will bring me to this point.  I think the last time I was here was about 52 years ago to young to remember anything about it.  In January, on my birthday it will be a White Magnetic Wizard day and the beginning of 13 years of a White Wizard cycle.  I am told that I will come into the full energy of the White Wizard.  I will also be in the second return of Saturn and because I have completed the things that was required of me, Saturn will assist me moving forward. I am so excited, a triple white wizard.  I don't know what this will bring but it will be smoking. LOL.

So my point to this story is just to give you some insight in to your own transformation.  Because life is about transforming.  And we always do.  Don't fight it will it comes, embrace it, take it in and transmute it, make it your own.  And watch what comes forth from the ashes.  Simple beauty, wisdom and clearly understanding.  Then you are ready to stand in your truth and your Authentic Self.

In La'Kesh, (I am another yourself) Peace, So Much Love and Transformation!!!


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