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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Friday, October 31, 2014


One of the things we all should know is we are energetic beings.  This is an energetic world and everything here is about energy.  Being energetic beings means that the solar energy runs through your veins.  It is what keeps your vitality flowing and keeps you in good health.  Many people are suffering now because people do so many things to themselves that are in contrast to who they truly are and many don't even know this to be true.  The axiom "Know Thyself" always reign true.  You have to first understand, who you are in order to know what you need to do for your body. People are caught up in life as they perceive it, sleep deprived, eating on the run, coffee, coffee, coffee and the effects of all can be dis-ease in the body.  And when dis-ease develops in the body they wonder how did this happen and blame it on the will of God. While this is true, it did come from the will of God, not an act of the Supreme God head but yourself as god because you are god and you did it all by yourself.  

There are several paths to restoring and maintaining good health.  At the core of all of them is your undying desire to be healthy and willing to do whatever is necessary to restore/maintain a healthy life style. I personally developed a method to increase my vitality and energy level.  I am cultivating my energy.  There are many articles on this blog where I have explained the importance of having a healthy organ system.  An excellent way to cultivate your energy is to participate in Qi Gong.  Yoga and running will not give you the same effects as doing Qi Gong although both of them are excellent.  I enjoy going to yoga class.  I am even thinking about become a Yoga Teacher at some point, but I do realize that I can't do everything although my desire to learn many things sometimes are overwhelming.  Well, at least learning new things will keep me young. Qi Gong has become my all time favorite for increasing my vitality.  I have not found anything in comparison,  And while there are many aspects to Qi Gong, at this time I want to talk about the Inner Smile practice.  This is very powerful once you are able to master it.

A deep inner smile spreads like a relaxing elixir making us receptive to transform negative energy into positive.  Smiling signals happy healing hormones which stabilizes blood pressure such as ecstatic endorphins and immune killing T-cells.  Smile therapy actually lower the stress hormone cortisol, adrenalin and noradrenaline and produce hormones which also relax muscles, improve respiration, reduce pain and accelerate healing and stabilize mood. The contributions of smiling has long reaching aspects.  So it would stand to reason that a healing technique would have been developed many years ago to assist us on the evolutionary path. 

Mantak Chia, an author that I study a lot says that our organs store emotional garbage so to clear up inner clutter that smiling to major organs to detoxify negative emotions.  The inner smile will refines and recycles harmful energy into healing energy.  Our organs work hard to maintain our homoestasis so we can thank them with an inner smile.   The inner simile can be practiced at any time and for any duration although, I personally like to so my inner smile late in the evening before I go to bed.  It assist my body in going through the healing cycle that we go through every night when we sleep.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the location of all the major organs before the practice to establish a strong mental connection with them.  On the blog there is a picture of the creation cycle of the organs and this is the pattern you will use to do your inner smile.  You may feel more in touch with your organs if you place your hands over them as you send your smile as well as visualising them. Your organs will be grateful for this practice as they release blockages and receive loving energy.  

The Inner Smile practice is a well-know practice of the Taoist neidan (Inner Alchemy). The taoist system offer each of us an opportunity to learn several practices to develop our own inner power.  For me this is the best was to assist you spiritually so that you can develop the higher part of yourself.  So I highly recommend study any information you can find on the subject.  We practice the smile inwardly to each of the major orders of our body, activating within us the energy of loving-kindness, and waking up the Five-Element associational network.  I have included in the blog one way to participate in the inner smile practice.

Time Required 10-30 minutes

1. Sit comfortable, either on a straight-back chair, or on the floor.  The important thing is for your spine to be in an upright position, and your head arranged to allow the muscles of your neck and throat to feel relaxed.
2. Take a couple of deep slow breaths noticing how your abdomen rises with each inhalation, then relaxes back toward your spine with each exhalation.  Let go of thougths of past and future.
3. Rest the  tip of your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth, some where behind, and closse to your upper front teeth.  You will find the spot that feels perfect.

4.  Smile gently, allowing your lips to feel full and smooth as they spread to the side and lift just slightly.  This smile should be kind of like the Mona Lisa smile, or how we might smile - mostly to ourselves - if we had just gotten a joke that someone told us several days ago: nothing too extreme, just the kind of thing that relaxes our entire face and head, and makes us start to feel good inside.

5. Now bring your attention to the space between your eyebrows (the "First Eye" center as I call it). As you rest your attention there, energy will begin to gather.  Imagine that place to be like a pool of warm water, and as energy pools there, let your attention drift deeper into that pool - back and toward the center of your head.
6. Let your attention rest now right in the center of your brain - the space equidistant between the tips of your ears. This is a place referred to in Taoism as the Crystal Palace - home to the pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus glands. Feel the energy gathering in this powerful place.

7. Allow this energy gathering in the Crystal Palace to flow forward into your eyes. Feel your eyes becoming "smiling eyes." To enhance this, you can imagine that you're gazing into the eyes of the person who you love the most, and they're gazing back at you ... infusing your eyes with this quality of loving-kindness and delight.

8. Now, direct the energy of your smiling eyes back and down into some place in your body that would like some of this healing energy. It might be a place where you've recently had an injury or illness. It might be a place that just feels a little numb or "sleepy," or simply some place you've not recently explored. In any case, smile down into that place within your body, and feel that place opening to receive smile-energy.

9. Continue to smile into that place within your body, for as long as you'd like ... letting it soak up smile-energy like a sponge soaks up water.

10. When this feels complete, direct your inner gaze, with its smile-energy, into your navel center, feeling warmth and brightness gathering now in your lower belly.

11. Release the tip of your tongue from the roof of your mouth, and release the smile (or keep it if it now feels natural).

12. As with all neidan practices, it's important to find a balance between effort and relaxation. If you notice a build-up of tension, relax, take a couple of deep breaths, then return to the practice. If your mind wanders, simply notice this, and come back to the practice.

13. Remember to maintain the quality of a gentle, genuine smile - infused with the energy of loving-kindness and compassion - particularly when directing your "inner smile" into an injured place. If you notice frustration, anger, fear or judgment creeping in, take a couple of deep breaths, then connect again with loving-kindness and compassion - the energies that can heal us.

It take 21 days of continued practice to remove or develop a habit.  So keep that is mind.  Also, it may take a few days or weeks before you begin to feel and experience a difference in your body, so keep going.  I know I will and it like it.

In Lak'esh (I am another yourself) Peace, Love and Smiles




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