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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Art of Allowing

When you go out into the woods and you look at the trees, you see all those different tress.  And  some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever.  And you look at the tree and you allow it.  You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn't get enough light, and so it turned that way.  And you don't get all emotional about it.  You just allow it.  You appreciate the tree.  So it would seem that since we can feel that way about nature or animals, why is it that we can not feel that way about people.  Diversity creates a marvelous opportunity for growth.  You are not here to change others. Accept that you can allow others to be as they are, to believe as they do.  The only person you can effectively change is yourself.  In changing the way you relate to others you in effect change the way they relate to you, imagine that because you have upset the balance in the way you interacted with them.  In accepting others the way they are, you allow them to grow.

As I have written before there are Universal Laws written to assist us in navigating through this expression we call life.  I am sure there are many many laws, written in Ancient text, sprawled around the world waiting with bated breath for us to dare to learn, to know, to seek who we are and how do we develop ourselves.  The information is out there but you have to be brave enough to seek it out.  You have to be brave enough to expand your mind and step outside of your box.

The Law of Allowing is probably the most complex of the Universal Laws and the hardest to master. But, without mastery of this law, you will find it difficult to manifest the life you desire. This is why understanding all of the universal laws and how they’re intermingled is so important. Without one, the others really aren’t very effective. 

The Law of Allowing has many parts that make up the whole.  The first part of the law says that you must allow good energy to flow into your life.  Allowing yourself to think, believe, be, feel and express yourself in a way that is truly authentic for you.  Often we concern our self with thoughts about what others will think and if others will judge us.  Understanding the Law of Allowing can be very helpful in this case because the more you can begin to allow your own authentic expression as well as others' choices, then the more freedom you will attract with the Law of Attraction.  Understanding and using the Law of Allowing will empower you to attract more  allowing and supportive relationships and experience into your life as you let go of any resistance. But for many this may not be as easy as it sounds. Most people spend a significant amount of time focusing on all the bad things that are happening in their lives and around the world. They continuously feel stress, anxiety, fear, and many other negative emotions. All of these emotions keep them aligned with the negative collective consciousness. As negative energy accumulates, they become closed off and unable to receive good energy even on the off chance it does slip through. The easiest way to break free from the negative collective consciousness is to feel good. Be happy despite it all.  Start will small steps and watch as things begin to take off. Negativity can’t survive in someone who feels good and is happy. It’s just impossible. The better you feel the more open you’ll be to allowing positive energy to flow in to your life.

Another  part of the Law of Allowing says that you allow people to have, do, or be, or say whatever they want. This means that you don’t cast any judgment on them at all no matter what. You’re in such alignment that you have NO FEELINGS  whatsoever about how others live their lives.
If all people could get to this point of alignment, it would mean peace on earth literally.  All crimes, violence, wars, arguments, hate, anger, loathing, despair, jealousy, greed, and any other negative emotion comes from not allowing people to make their own choices and live their own lives.  Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I do that everyday, I’m very tolerant of others.” But this goes much deeper than just being tolerant. Tolerance has emotion attached to it. You really don’t like what someone is doing so you’ve just decided that even though it bothers you, you’ll overlook it.

One definition of tolerance is the act of putting up with somebody or something irritating or otherwise unpleasant. This screams emotion and negative emotion to boot. The Law of Allowing means that you must free yourself completely from any emotion or feeling you have about the person or subject. And this is hard for most people because we are trained to have emotion. I have heard many people say that we are humans and emotion is natural.  Actually, emotion is a learned behavior.   We are trained to be judgemental and to be critical.  It is the basic fiber of all of our beliefs. It starts very early in life and it can be very difficult to change course. But, even in saying this and knowing this to be true, we can and must break free from the chains that keep our mind enslaved!!!  The good news is that we can be whatever we want to be.  We can change our basic fiber and create a new being, regardless of anyone elses belief and opinions.  We can grow into the persona that we want to present to the world. The Law of Allowing is not about trying to control others in any manner or get them to behave in a certain way. Allow yourself to be how you want to be and allow others to be how they choose to be, do, believe and so on.  This does not mean that you have to continue relationships that are not healthy for you.  It simply means that you allow others’ choices as well as your own, which in some cases may include not associating with people if you deem those relationships are not healthy for you. 

This does not mean letting or allowing someone to walk all over you, abuse, hurt or disrespect you or anyone else.  The Law of Allowing is about allowing all beings to be in their power so if someone is doing something hurtful to you or others that is not respecting each being as powerful and deserving of love then that is something you would want to use your power as a conscious creator to change right away, to ask for help from others to help change, or to give your assistance to empower others to change an imbalanced situation.  The Law of Allowing teaches us how to deal with the differences we experience in other people.  We are all one but because we come from different back ground, and family life and life experiences we have developed different personas.  The Law of Allowing expresses itself in developing your higher attributes then the responses that are normally given.  It helps you to vibrate at a higher level.  Which should be the goal of everyone, to have a peacefulness within your being that no one can disturb.

Through practicing the Law of Allowing, you will learn to exercise compassion in these circumstances and not get caught up in resistance.  You could live a life of ease and have a lot more fun and richness in your relationships with others and yourself!

In Lak'esh, (I am another yourself), Peace, Love and Allowance

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