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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Importance of Chanting

I was having a conversation the other day with a very dear friend of mine. She was very emotional as she so often is and felt like she did not have very much left to give anybody. Everybody that she knew needed her in some way and she never had anytime for herself or for a husband.  She just did not know how to go forward at this point and so her life made a her very depressed.  While I certainly had not walked a mile in her shoes, and had not experience more than half of the things she was experiencing, I certainly do understand when you are in a place and you have no clue how to get unstuck so that you can move forward.  There are just not any answers for you.  Everything looks bleck and the energy overwhelms you to know it.  I experienced this a few months ago, actually most of 2013 was like that for me.  I tried numerous times to move my life forward but every way I went there was a road block.  It was a very sad time for me.  Fortunately, for me I am not one who gets depressed.  I do get sad and confused but rarely do I get depressed.  So, doing some very rough times in my life, my friend gave me a cd and she said it would help me doing Precarious times.  I started listening to it and I liked it.  

There are times in your life when you do not have a clue what direction you should take.  When you have no clue, you should not make any moves!!!  Those are the time for sure to take a beat, a rest, chill out and wait.  Those are the times for internal work and that is why you have been brought to that place.  You can not rush this process.  You can not move it along.  And for those of you who are truly type A people, these time are very, very, very hard for you.  For me, this energy did not come at a point in the usual cycle.  Winter time when it is time to rest and take stock of your life and plan for the time when the energy is moving into the light.  This energy for me came at the height of summer when all I wanted to do was be on the go creating and creating my life but it was not time yet and so I was forced to chill.  It had been the hardest thing for me to do.  I hated it.  HATED IT!!! Did I say hated it, well you get the picture.  Not a damn thing moved.  I tried to buy a car, nope, I scheduled workshops, they fell through.  No clients. No job what so ever, nothing.  I went out everyday looking for things, nothing came through.  It was a very sad time for me and I had no clue what to do.  I was wondering around in the dark.  Not to mention I had a roomate that was constantly asking me what was I going to do.  She was the worst person to have in your life when you don't know how to get your life moving forward.  Now, one would think that I would know what to do.  I have been trained as a priestess and I know how to do readings and rituals.  I did them and based on my interpretation of the reading, I thought I was doing the work. But yet nothing felt like it was working.

Finally, I did some readings to get clarity and this time I called someone to help me understand my readings.  It is often the case when you do readings and it is about you, getting help on the reading will often bring in clarity because you are very much caught up in the situation and can be missing something.  What she told me was that my house of Heru, the Het Heru part of my spirit was not strong enough and need more attention.  Het Heru is the imagination, the house of the will.  So, to rectify the situation I just begin chanting to the Deity. I did not focus on what I wanted to happen because up to this point nothing was manifesting.  This lead me to think that it was not the time for what I wanted.  So I just started chanting to get insight into what I needed to happen in my life.  I realized that in order to achieve my desires, something else need to happen.  I needed more nourishment and more nurturing.  You see when there are certain tasks that are before you, we must understand that we may not have what it takes at that time to step into that life.  We have to be nurture for that position. We have to grow into the responsible person to uphold the energy that position requires; apparently, I was not there yet but chanting to the Deity will bring you what you need.  It is no shame in admitting you have not grown enough yet.  This shows maturity.

So to get started I would first suggest chanting to Ganesh to remove obstructions.  I tried to embed the link here but it would not work, so you have to go to you tube and look up deva premal.  She has a video for precarious times and the one to Ganesh is on there.  The chant is Om Gam Ganaptaye Namaha. There are lots of video's out there to help you.  Some people can't sit still long enough to meditate so if you find a good musical video with chanting on it, the chanting will help you.  I would also suggest,  It does not matter is this is not your religion, it is not about religion it is about getting clarity so you will know how to go forward.  This is Universal, you are attracting a Universal force for assistance.  There are a lot of Universal forces out there to help you all you need is to ask for help and clarity.  Snatam Kaur is another person on you tube that chants.  I like her voice.

I am still chanting.  I have a practice that I do several times a day.  It helps to keep me focus and I am opening to so much energy and information.  I too have a long way to go but life is about the journey and not the destination.  Give it a try if you find yourself feeling stuck and confused.  Let me know if any of this works for you.

In La'kesh  (I am another yourself)  Peace, Love and Happy Chanting.

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