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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kidney Organ System

I am an Energy Worker.  Most people are familiar with Reiki.  Not so many people are familiar with Polarity Therapy or Cranial Sacral therapy both of which are Energy Work.  The difference between Reiki and Polarity and Cranial is that Reiki brings you the Universal energy into your body to heal you and with Polarity and Cranial, we use your own energy to take you to a really deep place to heal yourself.  We do have all that we need to heal our bodies but it requires dedication to the process and the time it takes to manifest.  I have known for quite sometime the important of the Kidneys.  So let me give you some information on their importance from an esoteric perspective and you can then make the choice on how you should proceed for your own health. There is lots of information on the Kidneys on the internet.

The Kidney energy organ system is the foundation of all the functions of the body and the mind. It is the source of vitality for the other organ systems. It even influences your ability to go in to trance, did you know that?  We don't take very good care of our Kidneys.  In fact, if you were to use a machine that measures the energy in your organs you would find that they a functioning way below the optimal amount. We drink many things that weaken them. Not to mention the foods that we eat that is full of preservatives and artificial flavors and coloring.  My ex room mate jokes all the time that when she dies she will be well preservered.  I sort of look at her in disbelief that an intelligent women would say such a thing. But then I realize that it would require lots of work to change her mind set and she does not have the energy to do that.  Her organs are just barely functioning and it takes energy to even think clearly.  The doctors never measure the quality of energy moving through your organs, you have to deal with someone who works in that field.  There are people out there that do that, it will require some work on your part to find them if you are interested. We have never been taught nor do we take the time to really learn our body and how it functions.  We know that we only use less than 10 percent of our brain, which is a proven fact, yet we don't research to find out what happens in the other 90 percent of our brain nor do we research how to activate it.  And for most people they could care less about the activation.  There are several programs out there that will help you develop your brain so that you have access to other parts of your brain.  I have been on a brain balancing program for 3.5 years, it has made tremendous changes in my life and I am not even close to finishing the program.  Just a thought.  I am so fascinated with how my body functions.  And fortunately  for me I am apart of a community, that has been teaching us about ourselves for decades.  We always study so many things because we were introduced to so many things.  The more you learn, the more you want to know and there is so much to know, so much to learn.  I am very interested in my self development and my ability to leave my body and visit other dimensions.  But, in order to be strong enough to do that means that your kidneys and all of your organs must function at their optimum. Otherwise, you may make it to the Astro belt and everything imaginable and not imaginable happens in the astro belt.  I do not travel to the astro belt, I am not interested in doing so.

(The information that I am sharing in this entry has been taken from Ra Un Neter Amen's book Qi Gong Success)

Energetically, the kidneys are a 3 part system.  This is easily verified through any Chinese Herbal Book, there are disorders in the body that will manifest from a weakness in the organ.  It will usually be either the yin, yang or qi energy of that organ.  In this article, we will touch on the Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang and Kidney Qi attributes of the organ. 

Kidneys Provide the Power behind the Will
The will which is nothing more than a thought that indicates a potential to be realized, is carried out by an energy that courses through a channel that begins at the sole of the feet and rises up the legs, on to the front of body up to just below the collar bone.   A so called weak will is in reality a deficiency of the qi coursing through this meridian.  Strengthen it through the various means in the qi gong tool box, and you will find yourself focused and with a one-pointed determination in the pursuit of your goals.  People who are easily swayed, discouraged and distracted from their undertakings have a weakness in the kidney system. You can nurture this with herbs, acupuncture, healing sounds, exercise routines and qi gong.

Kidneys Provide the Ability to Work Hard
The capacity to sustain hard work to achieve success in your endeavors comes from the well being of your Kidneys.  You will most likely require a great deal of mental application and physical labor which demands meticulous concentration.  This concentration is powered through the Kidneys.

Kidneys Provide Emotional Strength
Fearfulness, which is the main source of failure is the result of weakness in the kidneys.  It is the emotional foundation of doubt which destroys the power that the mind can have over matter, or for a person's ability to embark on an undertaking.  People become paralyzed by the fear of success and they also become afraid of success.  Objectivity is an important asset for success. Strengthening the kidney qi is need to overcome fear.

Here are just a few herbs that I have taken to strengthen my Kidney.  I find that it is a process that requires me to take herbs for a while and then take a break and then go back and take more herbs.  There are many Chinese herbalist out there that can assist you in strengthening your Kidneys if this is your goal.  Most of the Kidney herbs will tonify your reproductive system.  If you have a Chinatown where you live you can go there and someone there can help you. There a usually lots of Chinese doctors there.  You can also check out acupunture schools or centers or martial art centers, some one there can put on the right path.

My favorite Kidney herbs are Yin Yang Ho, Tu Zi Si, Gogi Berries and Deer Antler.  There are many many more.  You can get kidney yang herbs, kidney yin herbs and kidney qi herbs.

Dimmak,com sells small amount of Bulk herbs, 25 grams.  If you want to try it out.  Redwingbooks.com is a great resource for books to teach you about many things.  I buy a lot of books from them and they send out catalogs.

"Only the truth of your Self-Realization will make your free".

In La'Kesh, (I am another yourself)  Peace, Love and Trance

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