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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Padhati Sidereal Astrology

There is so much information out there that I would like to share with you.  Things that I know have been important for my own growth and awareness.  I don't know if any of you do any of the things I write about and I only hear from a few of you although there are thousand of people who have been to this site.  I just want to thank all of you who come and read the articles I write. It is important to me to write the truth as I know it. Writing is good therapy for me.  It does not matter if you do anything that I write about because as I always say this is my journey and what a journey it is.  I can only imagine what the next ten years will bring to my life. I certainly have plans of things I want to do and places I want to go but it really is not up to me as I have dedicated my life to the Universe, my shepsu are running the show.  As I have finally moved from the student phase of my life and  moving into the teaching phase of my life.  I am told that I have a lot of gifts that will be coming through, we will have to see if this is truly the case and if so, what will these gift bring.

Many years ago, I was a member of a study group.  We were teaching ourselves sidereal astrology.  Our community leader was really into it and so he taught us quite a bit but there was still so much more to learn and we wanted to know more so we formed the study group. There are certainly many astrology systems out there to be used, Tropical astrology, sidereal astrology, different kinds of sidereal systems, Oriental astrology, Vietnamese astrology, Hindu astrology, Chinese astrology, Burmese astrology and so on. So which one does one choice.  Most people are familiar with the tropical astrology system used in the west. From my understanding this system is incomplete.They say that when you get a reading that only 20% of the reading will be accurate and the other 80% inaccurate.  There was a study done by Michael Gauquelin, from French-Belgium who set out to disprove astrology. What he discovered after doing thousand of charts that the teachings of Western tropical astrology did not give you a significant statistical results.  After all astrology uses mathematics and you should be able to verify it's results. But, to his surprise he discovered that the information taught by the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Sumerians regarding the posiiton of the planets had a high statistical hit.  Certain predictions can be made for people born with planets in certain places in the heavens-on the eastern or western horizon, midheaven, etc.  So you could pick out people who were great scientist or had the potential to become great scientist from the position of the planets.  You could pick out great writers or people who had the potential for creative writing by the position of the Moon.  You could pick out people who had the potential for military or politics from the position of Mars and Jupiter, respectively.  He discovered certain statistical verification for ancient Sumerian and Egyptian astrology.  So in our community we where taught the Padhati Sidereal Astrology because is was based on the ancient astrology of the Blacks of India-the so-Dalit or call Dravidians or Sudras(outcasts).  Before the white people came to India, Blacks, the original occupants of the land, had their own kind of astrology which we call Indus Kush Astrology.

So here is a taste of why we use this system.  Everything in this universe is in a state of movement.  The universe is constantly expanding.  The position of the planets and the stars are constantly, changing. So, if this is true as we know it, then how can March 21st coincide with 0 degree Aries forever? It is not so today, it never was and it never will be Everything is in a state of movement.

Before the Greeks began to learn mathematics and astrology, astrology was in good shape.  In the year 3 BC, a Greek by the name of Hipparcus came and studied astrology in Egypt.  He misunderstood the tropical phenomena of the earth, which had to do with the solstices and the equinoxes.  There's a Sun-Earth relationship called the declination of the Sun.  Meaning that the North Pole of the earth doesn't always point toward the sun.  When the northern hemisphere points towards the sun, we have summer. And when it continues to move away from the sun and when the southern hemisphere points toward the sun, we have summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere.  The earth is moving back and forth, rocking back and forth, north to south.  So in the winter in the northern hemisphere, the north pole is shifting away from the sun.  So it is rocking back and forth that gives us the seasonal changes.  And this seasonal change phenomena is called the tropical or the troph movements, the phenomena of the tropics.

Hipparcus misunderstood this and pegged the zodiac to this movement of the sun-earth relationship.  That's where tropical astrology came from.  On March 21st, if you went to the planetarium and asked the astronomer, "In what constellation is the earth in regards to the sun?", the astronomer would say to you that if you drew a straight line between the earth, the sun and the celestial zodiac, you will find that that line is pointing towards 4th of Pisces.  People who have to find stars for their business, people who have to navigate on the seas don't use the astronomy of tropical astrology.  They don't use it because they will get lost at sea.  That is why astrology in the western world has its ups and down, its history of being accepted and rejected.  There was a time when, for you to become a scientist in Europe you had to study astrology as one of your major courses. Johannes Keppler, Galileo--all of those people took astrology in college, in the university.  Sir Isaac Newton--they all studied astrology as part of their university curriculum.  As a matter of fact it was the heights of mathematics and science because astrology was the science of synthesis.

The zodiac is like one big gigantic clock.  This clock moves backward through the zodiac at the rate of 50 seconds a year.  There are 30 degrees in a zodiacal sign, there are 12 signs in the zodiac, 30 x 12 is 360 in the circle.  It takes 72 years for this celestial clock to move backwards 1 degree.  So that in 2160 years, this clock will move through an entire sign of the zodiac and that 2160 year period is called an age.

Tropical astrology divides the zodiac into 12 analytical symbols--12 signs of the zodiac.  The Sidereal Padhati astrology of Black India, uses the same 12 divisions of the signs, but further subdivides them into 27 lunar mansions.  And it further subdivides it into 249 sub divisions.  In that manner it gives greater accuracy, individuality and uniqueness than tropical astrology.

So what does all of this mean to you.  Well for me in Tropical astrology, I am considered a Capricorn but in Sidereal astrology I am a Sagittarius.  I feel more like a Sagittarius the older I get.  Here are the dates as it stand now but I have to warn you that in Sidereal astrology it deals more with your moon sign then your sun sign.  They consider your sun sign as the attributes you are expiring to obtain, where you moon is the qualities you came in with.

Very differenct than what most people are acustom to.  So you can get more information is you are interested by going to www.indastro.com.  Good luck and happy hunting!
Much of the information was taken from Road to Success by Ra Un Neter Amen, my wonderful teacher.

In La'kesh, (I am another yourself) Peace, Love and Rememberance for who we true are.


  1. Hi, Rasheka.
    I have not been following astrology much, but I'm glad to know I am still Aquarian. I am also a White Rhythmic Wizard. I only found that out by checking out a link someone posted. I am trying to discover my life purpose and mission, but what's a White Rhythmic Wizard to do? I am not sure how to go about it.

    1. Hey Charles, It's nice to hear that you are a White Rhythmic Wizard, someone else just in the last few weeks wrote me and told they were too. It is a process to really understand yourself and all of the different aspects of yourself. If you are open to having a Metu Neter Spiritual Reading we could explore what is your life purpose. When I first had mine done, I discovered that my incarnation objective with 64th hexagram into 40th hexagram. In the 64th hexagram it talks about before completion. Never look at things as I got this I am good because one you do that then something will bring you back to reality, so you have to always be humble in what ever you do. I have to learn that lesson the hard way, still learning that lesson. But it when into the 40th hexagram which talks about having the power to delivery yourself. And when you tie that into being a White Rhythmic Wizard which is all about allow magic to come through you from the heart space things just seem to begin to make sense for me. I am clear about how to do things, still waiting on that those things are. But I am close.