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Friday, August 23, 2013

Cultivating Loving Kindness

For those of you who don't know, I became an Ordained Minister as well as being a priestess in an African Community since the 80's.  I did this because I wanted the opportunity to reach more people and assist them in their personal growth and development.  During my education at a wonderful school in Arizona, the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts which we lovingly call SWIHA, I had the good fortune to specialize in the Spiritual Studies program which was a 300 hour program.  Once of the best classes at SWIHA was a class that I took on Mindfulness as a Living Practice.  I really resonate with the energy of that class.  After that class, everyday I would do a Metta meditation that I would send to the world followed by distant Reiki. I did this in an attempt to bring more love into the world.  I stopped doing it for awhile but am beginning to incorporate it into my daily practice.  So let me tell you a little bit about the Metta Bhavana practice.  May be you too would like to incorporate this in your daily practice.  We never know what little thing we can do that can make a hugh impact on humanity.

Metta in Buddhism is a state of mind.  Its object is the lovable being.  It is the state of wishing to promote the welfare of the loving being.  In the Buddhist teachings, the doctrine of anatta - or non-self-occupies a position of prime importance.  As such it may seem to be conflicting.  This is because there are two types of truths, conventional (sammutti) and ultimate (paramattha).

Conventional truths are conceptual, and true only at the conventional level.  When seen in an ultimate point of view (i.e. a mind freed from ideas, concepts) they do not exist. They are like shadows cast by realities.  Therefore the "person exists only conventionally. Ultimately, "he" can be experienced as mental and material processes.  If you see things in this way you are looking at things as they really are, which is actually insight (vipassana). To develop this direct vision into reality is to practise insight meditation - vipassana bhavana.  At such a time, we cannot be having metta as the nature of the objects differs.  Moreover, when we return to conventional realities or switch back to conceptual objects then we may have the metta again. That is why, comparatively, vipassana is more profound and superior.  It frees one utterly from all suffering of samsara (cycle of birth and death).

Metta, however, must not be underestimated, although it has its limitations.  Most of us will need a lot of time before we have completed the work of insight cultivation.  And even after that metta will still play a great role.  Even Buddhas are not always without conceptual objects. Concepts occur together with the mental formations and processes.

In the discourse to Subha, the Buddha answers questions posed to him as to the reasons for long life and so forth.  From the answers, we find that the kamic results that lead to long life, good health, beauty, following, wealth, noble birth can be attributed to acts connected with loving kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy.  Therefore the Four Sublime Abodes (Brahmavihara: loving-kindness, compassion, altrustic joy and equanimty) act as a soothing balm to those still within the cycle of birth and death.  Besides these, we also see metta as an effective means:

  • to overcome anger-as it is the opposite of these violent and destructive mental states.
  • to build up the required concentration base for the development of insight, because with metta, our mind concentrates rapidly,
  • for a healthy relationship with every living being - so important for a happy family, society and the world.  From this we can see that Metta Bhavana is something that should be practiced to some degree by everyone.  Without it one not only tends to fail in social and personal relationships but is also at a great disadvantage when involved in spiritual practice.
In the texts Metta is characterized by the promoting of the aspect of welfare.  Amity, goodwill, friendiness and loving kindness are some words used to describe this mental state.  For me it was a way of offering some assistance to our chaos world. I oftened wondered how I could assist.  This allowed me to send more love into the world literally from my meditation chair. It is a totally unselfish and pure state of mind that brings profit to oneself, others now and forever. The cultivation of this state of mind is called Bhavana meditation.  When we cultivate it, it becomes strong, powerful and useful.  It brings us abundant, deep and intense peace and happiness.
  • Concentrated, it becomes strong and powerful.
  • Metta is also trained so that it can be given to anybody.  It is flexible, versatile, universal and boundless.
  • When this potent force has become powerful we can make use of it to produce many marvels to make everyone's life better.

To do this effectively one needs the method.  Acquring the skill requires patience.  With experience one improves. You can create a Metta very easily.  There are 3 position. I, you and we.  And there are four lines in each position.  You can choose your own words but here is my example of what I say:

May I be safe and protected
May I be peaceful and happy
May I be heathy and full of love
May I be free of all suffering

(Then it is)
May you be safe and protected
May you be peaceful and happy
May you be heathy and full of love
May you be free of all suffering

(And finally)
May we all be safe and protected
May we all be peaceful and happy
May we all be heathy and full of love
May you be free of all suffering

So there you have it.  Very simple and to the point but very powerful and expressive.  Try it if it suit you.  Look for more examples or just create your own and have fun with it.  It is an expression of your love.  Add Reiki symbols or whatever energy you want to assist in bring more peace and love into the world.

In La'Kesh, ( I am another yourself) Peace, Love and Joy Always


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    1. You are so welcome. Come back often, I have some interesting topic coming out in the near future.

  2. Thank You so much for sharing this! I Am a White Rhythmic Wizard too, and I Am new to all of it. I Am learning more and more about Myself everyday. I Am also looking into going to SWIHA! I spoke with the counselor about two months ago, and I will be able to start in a couple of months. I now know that I Am in the right place. Thank You!