"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Monday, July 29, 2013


Ra Un Nefer Amen, my most honorable teacher says our spiritual power resides in the third sphere on the tree of life.  To worship God is to acknowledge that It shares with Man Its spiritual power.  Many people would rather remain at the human stage of development, repeating over and over again "I can't" when confronted with challenges others have met, than to seek the knowledge of how to awaken and use this awesome power that God has shared with Man.  We must always keep in mind that God saves Man by sharing Its powers with him/her.  The true praise and worship of God is the dedication of one's life to the awakening and development of these powers. This is the Omnipotency of God..  I myself have worked a great deal with Seker-t  She is the deity that governs the 3rd sphere on the Tree of Life.  She is fierce and not one to play with although none of the Deities are to be played with.  Right now I am feeling her energy deep within myself and I am sure it is because this is her time of year and right now we are in her cycle.  I also know that I feel her so deeply because Saturn is her planet and Saturn governs Capricorn and I am a Capricorn.  But my love for her is not because of Capricorn, it is because I have a special glimpse into her nature. I believe in Magic.  I live magically everyday.  I have learned and still learning how to allow magic to move through me, through my heart. I have created rituals that I do everyday which are apart of me. I am creating power within myself by doing this work because as I stated earlier God shares Its spiritual power with us.  I am obtaining that power through my work and so can you.

Obtaining power has to do with motive and it has to do with principle.  Power is always associated with that which supports the significance of life itself.  Power appeals to what uplifts, dignifies, and ennobles.  Power requires no justification.  Through the use of Hekau, which are the 50 sound units of power residing in the 3rd sphere, all things are brought in to manifestation.  You do not use the Hekau to manifest the material things in life that so many people are requiring but at this level you are creating the underlying structure(divine plan) that provides the order governing the harmonious interaction of the forces shaping the formation of things and their interaction.  These structures appoint the places in space and time ordering all manifestations.  This is power at it highest attribute. This is the level of knowledge that we all should be striving for in ourselves.

To influence the events in our lives we are not limited to relying on our physical action.  We have a metaphysical faculity at our disposal.  We will come to see that not only is it more powerful than our physical faculties and means, when used properly--according to the 11 Laws of God--they can overcome all possible oppositions, and limitations that we may encounter.  If this is true, then it would make greater sense to rely primarily upon them for success in life, and only secondarily on our intellect and physical faculties and resources. We will come to understand that, for this reason, one of our chief goals in life is to develop the ability to use our metaphysical powers above our intellect and physical abilites.  We are destined to live by the spirit and not just by our physical and intellectual faculties.

When we stand in our power we are total and complete in it and requires nothing from outside.  It makes no demands; it has no needs.  Power energizes, gives forth, supplies and supports.  Power gives life and energy.  Power is associated with compassion and makes us feel positiive about ourselves. When we are standing in our power, health is more important than disease, life is more important than death, honor is preferable to dishonor, faith and trust are preferable to doubt and cynicism, the constructive is preferable to the destructive.  Power is our innate ability, an Divine attribute of ourselves.

Given the fact that the spiritual forces that are involved in the manipulation of physical events are our emotions--yes, anger, fear, love, etc.--our ability to use them at will to manipulate the outcome of events must be regulated by Divine law.  This is why it was said that  before we can be made wise as serpents (symbols of energies--their movement is serpent-like), we must be rendered harmless as dove(symbol of inner peace--hetep, nirvana)--words to that effect.  Access to the powers over the world is a dangerous thing in the hands of the uneduated and the immature (ignorant and evil people), as they would bring great harm to themselves and others.

Since the power belongs to God, and it is greater than any force on earth, it can only be acquired through a way of life that acknowledges God's existence in the midst of one's being.  The acknowledgment of God as the foundation of our true Self has to be shown in the way we carry ourselves in our daily lives.  This way of life must reflect the essential attributes of God.  In order for the spiritual power of God to manifest through our spirits, we must manifest Amen that is , maintain inner peace in the face of difficulties.  This is the revelation of our having risen above the animal nature; we must manifest Ausar that is subsitute the domination of our separative egotism with the unifying force of God as the foundation of our Self: Tehuti, the ability to resolve all conflicts, must rule our mind over our conflict-making intellect' and our love for manifesting the attributes of God  which is Seker, we must transcend our love for the things of the world, Het Heru. If we did not possess these qualties, the possession of spiritual power would be tantamount to placing a bomb a million times more powerful than the hydrogen bomb in the hands of Western Man, who would ultimately use it because of his/her passions (sphere10), egotism(9), opinions (8), and greed (7).  That is why all the pundits who aspired to achieve it through yogic technology (mantras, and pranayamas), magical grimoires and spells, and so on, will sooner chant down the moon than acquire one iota of spiritual power.  The reason for this confusion comes from the fact that there are two types of metaphysical power residing in Man's spirit.  The higher one, which belongs to sphere 3, and truly deserves the label, "spiritual power."   The other belongs to the 10th sphere, the animal spirit, and is manipulated through affirmations or suggestions (8th sphere), creative visualization (7th), subliminal messages (9th), and a host of physical agents--roots, gems, colors, perfumes, etc. (10th)  These powers, indiscriminately called "spiritual should be called 'psychic powers."

A review of history will show that many people have exhibited a variety of "spiritual" and "psychic" powers. Although the majority of such people did not acquire such powers through their own efforts, their deliberate cultivation is a well established practice in the world's major spiritual development traditions.  The important point to realize here is that if one, and in this issue, if several persons have manifested these abilities--involuntarily or voluntarily induced--then we can all cultivate them.  And since their use, of themselves, shows no detriment to Man and the world, but in fact, their use shows benefit, then their existence must be accepted as integral  parts of Man's being.  In fact, accurate reflection will show that their existence, and their reason for being are logical outgrowths of the essential nature of Man.  Man's energy/matter is essentially unconditioned in order to manifest all possibilities.  This is the underlying definition of power--unlimted capacity to accomplish.

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