"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Elementor of Fire

The Elementor of Fire is the ultimate expression of Fire.  Completely transformed through the trials by fire, the Elementor has lifted off, no longer bound to the old paradigm.  Like a bright comet in the night sky, the Elementor sky-rockets upward into the expanse of the cosmos.  The inner light burns so brightly, the Elementor of Fire has become a living torch of passion and creativity.  The Elementor has let go of the cycle of death and rebirth, and enters a place of illumination.  From this clear and unobstructed position, inspiration is as infinite as the stars in the sky.  Creative visions emerge like a fountain of joy from the energizing force of the Fire that is never lost, nor ever consuming.  

Being free to do whatever we feel passionate about gives us a surge of creative life force.  The Elementor of Fire teach us how to use this energy to manifest heaven on Earth.  This reality is accessible to all, not just the happy few, as we are all part of the creative life force, each of us aglow with divine light.  Unity with passion is the essence of sustainability.  A sustainable world, imbused by the Elementor, breathes life into the community and honors all life on Earth.

Native Americans taught that in making any decision one must be mindful it would be beneficial for the next seven generations.  The Elementor of Fire understands this, lives it and radiates it to others.  We educate by our actions, rather than words.  Transformation and cleansing takes place around us simply by being light.

We each have a gift to share that makes the world a brighter place.  Many of us are asked to go to a certain place, not knowing the reason why.  We go, without knowing. At these places we share of ourselves and are doing the greatest service we can , simply by being there.

The energies of our time are opportune for Elementors to arise.  The solar flares and cosmic vibrations are sending powerful surges of energy toward the Earth.  All who feel the intensity of this life-force are called to transform it into wonderful expressions of divine light. We are asked to become the Elementor of Fire, and light up the world like a comet in the sky.

In becoming the Elementor of Fire, you have gone through many transformations, at this point you radiate the greatest expression of your passion and creativity.  You are an endless source of inspiration.  Your creativity knows no bounds and new creations continue to manifest in the most wonderful of times.  With the flow of divine grace in you and through you, you become the sacred flame that is never extinguished.

When you become the Elementor of Fire, it is a time to celebrate the lifegiving force in all creation.  We are experiencing the ultimate cleansing in our world today, as the old paradigm is breaking up.  Use your passions and creativity to advocate respect for all life on this planet.  Others will be inspired by your shining example.  Together we create a new world that will take its place as the most luminous planet in the galaxy.

Love and Light, In Lak'esh, (I am another yourself)

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