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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Wisdom of Saturn

Becoming an Individuate Emissary of the Absolute

Our subconscious gives Saturn the power and permission to sever us from work, relationship and all of those things that no longer serve us so that we are able to go forth with completing our destiny whether we like it or not. Saturn says it is not enough to enjoy a lifestyle because it brings you pleasure or wellbeing .  Saturn's position is that these enriching situations are on loan to you as long as you use them to become a shrewed of your egoic habits of mind and discipline talents to the larger flow of man.  During the Saturn return if those of you are not familiar with this and if you are not I guess you could consider yourself lucky on one hand and not so lucky on the other. It appears to me and maybe to a whole lot of other people that Saturn does not always play fair.  When she first comes to you around your 28th birthday, she test you to see where you are in your life and if you are on your path.  I remember becoming so interested in spiritual studies at that time.  It never dawn on me that is was mother Saturn raising her head to see where I was.  But, in retrospect I was exactly where I needed to be because my whole life is about being in touch with my spiritual work.  And from that point, that is where I have been. When Saturn's energy is upon us the status quo no longer works. If your work, your relationship or community even your world view is not in harmony of where it should be, then the energy of Saturn will destroy it because we have become self-involve and no longer empowering ourself to overflow our full-hearted presence into the world--Saturn delivers the ultimate, get smarter or get out.


You will experience three complete 29 years of Saturn return if you are fortunate to live to age 90.  The first return is during the ages of 29-30, the second 59-60 and the third is 89-90 years of age. Each of these 29 year cycles of Saturn, provides us a theme of the chronogical cycle we are in and what is expected of us in those cycles.

Why did you come here? To discpline your karmicly inherit talents, master your karmicly inherit wounds and, thereby to individuate into a uniquely, inspiring emissary of the Absolute. This means evolving through the three basic senses of self: Provisional, Individual and Meditative.

``Age   0-29:  Development of the Provisional sense of Self
``Age 30-59:  Development of the Individual sense of Self
``Age 60-89   Development of the Meditative sense of Self

And when you really think about this, you can see how each of the cycles play a key role in your life. Each of these three 28-29 year cycles further divide in to 4 seven year cycles.  Ask yourself which part of the cycle am I in.  If you do not know these, please take the time to understand it now.  Everything that we do, that the Universe does is within a cycle.  To be in harmony with the cycles, you must first understand that there is a cycle and what happens in that cycle.  We humans think that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want and negate the fact that we may not be in harmony with the cycle.  When you run at night because that is the only time you have available to get in your run, you a functioning out of cycle.  Running is a daytime thing.  Night on the other hand is a quieting down thing.  Continue to run at night and you will see what will happen to your body over time. It ain't pretty!!! And I am just saying.


First Breath (Saturn conjunct Saturn) Knot of destiny defined.  In the Kamitian tradition this corresponds to the Geb sphere on the tree of life, 10th sphere.

Age 7 (Saturn square Saturn) Child learns to discern between right and wrong, fantasy and reality and learns the basic rules and the consequences of breaking them.  In the Kamitian tradition this is what happens on the 9th sphere of the tree of life.  The Auset initiation.

Age 14 (Saturn Oppostion Saturn) The dawn of a provisional separate sense of self.  First the healthy opposition of authority(puberty) and the creation of personal rules. 8th sphere of the tree of life. Sebek initiation.

Age 21 (Saturn square Saturn) Learning to deal with the world in its own terms and becoming accountable.  Seeds of dissatifation and birthing new goals. 7th sphere of the tree of life Het Heru initiation.

Age 29 The first Saturn return) In the Kamitian tradition and probably in all ancient civilizations this is the point when one is considered an adult.  If you were fortunate and able to be raised in a viable tradition, you would have been assisted in your learning process and at this point ready to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.  At this age in the Kamitian traditon you would have enter the 6th sphere on the tree of life with all the entitlements that comes with this sphere beginning to develop in your spirit.  The attributes naturally develop within a person if that are allowed the proper training and guidance.


Age 35 (Waxing Square) A less reactive and more lucid of the boundry testing.  Does the new goals and rules set during my Saturn return allows me the full expression of the  spectrum of who I am at this point in my life. It is the Heru initiation of the 6th sphere on the tree of life.

Age 42 (Saturn Opposition Saturn) "Individual reacts Maturely or In maturely against the soul inhibiting limitations which society has imposed upon his or her ego.  Is my need to belong binding me to my true values.  5th sphere on the tree of life, Heru Khuti initiation.

Age 49(Wanning Square) Re-evaluation of individual priorities and life direction.producting further refinement of the individual souls process.  A period of concentrated steady effort to serve in accord with our ideals or a backslide in the collective norm. 4th sphere on the tree of life, Maat initiation.

Age 58-59 Second Saturn Return.  Now or never actions in the real world that demostrates wisdom of the elder. The deepen committment to one chosen life service or a pivot into an entirely new more soulful direction.  The hallmark of the Second Saturn return is that you deal maturely with the old pockets of unfinished business, you gain the gift that will last until the end, the gift of wisdom. You become an elder.


Age 66 (Waxing Square) The synthesising and sharing of what aging has taught you. 2nd sphere on the tree of life. Tehuti initiation

Age 73 (Opposition) Increasing embodiment of one's faith and what should happen provided the work has been done is to become self realized.  1st sphere on the tree of life  Ausar initiation.

Age 80 and 89 should be spent in deep meditative states with a reconcilation of all of life experiences.

There is so much more that can be said about life cycles and how to be in harmony with them.  I believe that if we are in a position where we are meditating and spending time with ourselves that many of the answers we seek are there for us to know.  The older I get, the more I look for a williness to comply with the laws.  This information was provided by Hunter's newsletter on the return of Saturn.  I interjected my thoughts and knowledge on the cycle from my education.  Some of it was not quite a direct correspondance but it is true as best I can tell.  Please feel free as always to research for your self.  Take what you need and walk away.
In Lak'esh, I am another yourself  Peace, Blessings and Love!!!

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