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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Duel of Light and Dark

I often hear people say that now we are going into the time of peace and light.  And, I think that is interesting.  It sounds wonderful to so many and yet I know that you can not have light without the dark.  You can not see the star unless they are in the night sky which is dark.  It really is just the polarity of the thing. 

Evil serves a necessary purpose which is to advance the good.  Most people don't understand this because they live in a fairy tale place.  Reality is really not the way most people think.  From the great heights of the spirit, the diabolical force is seen for what it is: a manifestation of cosmic darkness, which came into being with the first stirring of Creation.  All things do come out of the dark.  The Divine willed that there be light, and light came forth from the void, and darkness with it.  This was the fundamental duality of polar opposites, which existed thereafter on all planes below.

Then came the Division of the Deity into its complementary opposites, masculine and feminine, and the subsequent reduction of these into the many.  The purpose of the cosmic darkness was to aid the return of the myriad forms by providing opposition to them  At the universal level it holds the stars and planets in their orbits, preventing them from colliding.  At the biological level it maintains the separations among molecules, resisting their attraction and creating solid substance.  At the human stage it becomes personalized and demonized, shaped by the desires of individuals evolving into free will.  It aids in the application of impersonal karmic law by providing the due share of suffering for the education of each human soul.  

This is the goal that drives life upward.  We may understand it better if we picture two duelists fighting their way up a broad staircase toward the heavens.  One dualist, the Prince of Light, is above the other, the Prince of Darkness. Both are swift, nimble, and full of grace.  THEY ARE EVENLY MATCHED!!
The important thing to understand is not to give evil any energy.  Everything you acknowledge evil, you give it some of your power, your energy and you make evil stronger.  If you don't fight evil, it does not have any recourse but to retrieve.  Now this does not mean that you lay down and let evil overcome you.  The secret is to become powerful within yourself so that evil does not penetrate you.  That is how you fight evil.

The Prince of Darkness perpetually jabs the Prince of Light and drives him farther up.  Blood is drawn: it pours forth and scatters, its drops congealing into suns, adding brilliance to the scene.  The duel is fight, but also play.  The fighters play in dead earnest: worlds hang upon their every stroke.  They do not tire, though they have been playing from time immemorial.

As they mount the stair case, all life mounts with them.  They steps they have climbed stretch endlessly below.  How high do they extend above?  The summit is veiled in mist: we cannot see.

The same mist floats about the individual human mind as it struggles for clarity in its battle for ascendance.  The demonic powers employ the weaknesses of the human being, but the human employs the demons as well.  There is an exchange from below to above and above to below.  The demonic powers as long as they are able to operate in darkness, can proliferate.  Living in the depths of the personality, they can store up and transmit their poison. But when they are released and brought to the light, they don't disappear; they join in a dance with the light powers and become alloyed with them.  Raw instincts become sublimated and turned to service as the power for evil is transmuted into the power for good.

And look!  The mist has cleared at the top of the cosmic staircase.  The duel has become a dance.  As part of the dance the two princes join hands.  And now the uppermost prince lifts his brother, once Brother of the Shadow, and enthrones him in light by his side. 

Excepts taken from Twin Souls, Peace Love and Light,  In Lak'ech, I am another yourself.

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