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Thursday, December 6, 2012

End of the KALI YUGA

A time for all things under the sun.  All things move in cycles.  Not only do types of things recur, but by
cycles is meant that things appear, develop, reach a peak, then descend and reach a low point or pass out of existence to return or rise again.  The seasonal cycle is one of the best examples.  The book 
Cycles by Dewey is just about the best chronicle of the cycles of many events in the world.  It documents the facts, for example, that production and prices of all commodities (iron, soya, sugar, etc.) all rise, peak and fall according to fixed cycles.  The same is true for the incidence of heart attacks, church attendance, and so on.
Cyclical Calendars.
To most of us, as a result of our common miseducation, "time" is just the relationship that the sequence of events has to each other or to a common reference.  To the ancients, time was also the cyclical movement and duration of a fixed number of the types of energy that are responsible for the events in the world.  Thus the ancient Egyptians divided the year and the ages into twelve types of energies (signs of the Zodiac); the Chinese
did so into eight elements (Bazi or Bagua), and so on.  Since historical events (and personal) are determined by the dominant energy of the time (nothing happens without its appropriate energy), knowing what energies are coming and when enabled people to prepare for upcoming challenges and opportunities. 
The Winter Solstice 2012.  The Winter Solstice that will occur between December 21 to 24th 2012 has sparked a great deal of controversy which we expect will be heated up out of proportion in the ensuing weeks.  There has already been a movie about it that depicts a catastrophic global inundation taking place at this time.  In the real world, there are many that truly believe or are wondering if this date truly signals the end of the world-The
end of Times.  Many Christian groups have seized upon this date as the one signaled in the Apocalypse, but we must take note of the fact that there is nothing in the Bible to support the claim.  In fact, it is stated that no one knows the date that the world will end at which time the Savior will return.  So why the Winter Solstice 2012?
The Mayan Calendar connection.  The idea of the ending of the world on this date came from a misinterpretation of two fundamental facts surrounding the Mayan calendar.  First, as a cyclical
calendar, it "predicts" the recurrence of events types.  Second, it records recurring events and dates
up to December 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice. The majority of people took this latter fact as the end of the world, and pinned their apocalyptic (end of world) beliefs to it.  A great deal has been written about this, and
a very expensive movie was created as well depicting the catastrophe that is supposed to engulf the world at this time. Nothing that has been said by the general public, the hijackers of the date and the Mayan "scholars" has been based on the facts of the calendar. 
The winter solstice of 2012 marks the end of a 5126 years cycle called the Long Count, and the
beginning of a new one.  To understand what is going to occur at this time requires the understanding of four
essential pieces
of information: 1) what took place at the beginning of the cycle according to the Mayans (and other ancient cultures), 2) What transpired during the 5126 years of the cycle, 3) what the Mayan records state will happen at the winter solstice 2012, and 4) what is important at the winter solstice according to the Mayans and other ancient cultures.  

The Long Count that is about to end begun on 3114 BCE, and 1) what took place at this time was the erection or installation of the World Tree.  This Tree we will learn is none other than the ancient Egyptian Paut Neteru, which became the basis of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and other such trees.  Once it is fully understood, as I have taught in the seven volumes of Metu Neter, it will be seen to be a perfect and complete vehicle for understanding man's behavior, spirituality and his/her relationship with God and the world-the Unified
Field Theory of Man's make-up and behavior. The unfolding of the details making up the knowledge of this system is so grand that it requires the span of the 5126 years allotted to the Long Count.  2) This has been the most important event that has transpired during the past 5126 years; the elaboration of the knowledge of the Paut Neteru.  3) The winter solstice of 2012 marks the completion of the work.  According to the Mayan records left by the Jaguar King (644 to 769 AD), at the end of the Long Count we will witness the descent or investiture of B' Olon Yokte Ku-the Lord of the Nine Lords of the Night (the B 'Olon Ti Ku).  As any true student of esoteric science and religion knows, such references to "the nine" always refer to the nine agencies (1 to 9) of the Tree of Life that are in charge of the manifestation of the world from the undifferentiated realm (0) to
the physical (10).  4) The winter solstice has been important to all wisdom societies since time immemorial
because it is the time of year when man's access to his subconscious/spirit, and the universal unconscious (God's Spirit) is at its greatest.  It is the time of year for initiates that have duly prepared themselves to acquire the highest spiritual knowledge and power.  This coming winter solstice is most important for the simple fact that the information that will stream in from the World Spirit will be at its highest level of illumination given that it is carrying the final message of the Paut Neteru or Tree of Life. 
The message of the Mayas is supported by the Hindu and Buddhist literature.  According to Hinduism the past 5114 years has been dominated by a "demon" named Kali (not the "Goddess"), that is responsible for all the wickedness, immorality, ungodly and unspiritual behavior that has characterized the world.  This period which is referred to as Kali Yuga is about to expire around the same time at the hand of a divine principle named
Kalki, the 10
th avatar of Vishnu. The evil in the world will be replaced by living by truth.  Buddhism states the same.  The Buddha Siddhartha Gautama prophesized that Kali Yuga will last also for about 5000 years and will be brought to an end by the appearance of the great Buddha Maitreya.  Unlike their Christian, Hebraic and Islamic counterparts, the apocalypse marks the end of the evil era to be replaced with one in which truth and divine law reigns.   
The Winter Solstice Observance.  During the four days and four nights from December 21 to the 24th, the "gates" that separate the outer world from the inner will be flung wide open.  It is a time for receiving the highest
spiritual teachings and power according to your degree of preparation.  It is the master time of the year for
receiving the greatest spiritual nurturing of your divine self-image, which is the basis for your success and well-being in life, and beyond.  And this one is 
THE one in 5126 years!

As we have done for the past 39 years around the world, we can prepare you for this once in a life-time event through our 
online and local classes.  The course consists of four classes on December 1, 8, 15, and 22.  For those of you that are enrolled in the online or local classes you will qualify to attend a group meditation at the indicated localities on 12/23.  Classes include guided meditations, meditation scripts and Declarations of Living Truth and a full explanation of the Paut Neteru principles that are needed to open your eleven spiritual
faculties to receive the "messages" and forces that will be governing the coming new era-new Long Count, the Satya Yuga (golden age), the coming age of Aquarius.  Your spiritual development and expression does not depend just on your efforts but on the quality of the dispensation coming from the spiritual realm. 

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