"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala


Monday, September 10, 2012


Your body holds knowledge of all lives you have ever lived.  It is filled with your experience.  The computer and its miscromemory system has nothing over the amazing human body and its storehouse of information. Explore your body, to learn from it, to know its secrets.   Discovery of the physical self brings awareness of the different levels of your being. As you ask the questions you will begin to unlock the door and venture down the path of self discovery.

Just as the Magician, Resourceful One, has observed the primal energy ever-present within and has seen the creations that have been made with it, the Seeker looks beyond.  The Seeker is not satisfied with mere outer appearance, but wants to know why, what makes it so.  The Magician wields energy skillfully, but the Seeker wants to understand how the energy came to be passing through in this way and what else it can do.  One of the discoveries the Seeker makes is that food affects her vibration, both her sense of well-being and her energy level, it affects her mood, her strength, her ability to search, for search takes concentration and endurance.  Looking in the mirror of Self requires clear mind and body.

You cannot go inside and expect to find a peaceful place to study with a gurgling stomach, an aching back, a stopped-up nose, and weary muscles. You must become a High Priestess who takes the nutritional elements in a combination that cleans and builds the temple of her indwelling God-self.  The Seeker seeks health not only to feel good day by day, but to allow her the peace in which to explore her higher nature unobstructed.

Bodies try to heal themselves.  This is their basic nature.  For the most part, if you have not severely abused your body, time and patience will allow proper healing to take place.  On the other hand, the world we live in is filled with stresses and temptations to ignore the body's wisdom.  Often our strongly empowered intellects, the rational side of our beings, overrule the body's suggestions.  The body begins to accumulated the recovery periods you have denied it.  It must, therefore, become sicker and sicker until you will allow it to have the  series of short recovery periods you have denied it.  This results in an illness that requires a long layoff.

Your body attempts each season to bring itself back into the harmony of nature around it.  In the spring, it wants to be active; in the summer, to work and rest intermittently; in the fall, to harvest and take stock of itself; in the winter, to sit back, reflect and prepare for another new time to come.  When the seasonal weather changes, your body will often try to cleanse itself in preparation for the changing environment in which it must live.  You can assist it by fasting  or eating a particular diet suitable for the time of year.

Heading toward warm weather, your body desires fresh fruits, lighter food, alive, raw, newly sprouted foods.  Wild foods, the first to grow in the spring, are particularly cleansing, a tonic to the system.  When the garden is in full leaf, fresh green and root vegetables are in order.  In the fall, the hardier squashes, potatoes, and heavier vegetables call to you.  Grains are harvested and stores for winter consumption, when the body is happy to have a bowl of hot rice or some fresh whole wheat bread.  Through we live  season, it is not necessarily healthy to do so.

If you have ignored your body's suggestions and have eaten sugar, white bread, red meat, rich foods, chemically treated foods, or covered up your body's responses with medical or nonmedical drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes for more than twenty years, you should realize that you are in serious trouble.  Even if you have misindulged for only ten years, your body will have a few healing crises to undergo before it will begin to respond gently to natural changes of season and cycle.

A healing crises is an event that seems like an illness, by all outward appearances, but is something triggered by an act of health.  An act of health is any action that you take which is naturally and nutritionally sound.  Examples of acts of health that might trigger a healing crises are as diverse as the following: fasting, eating only fresh, whole foods for a week, refraining from coffee, cigarettes, drugs, or chemically treated foods for a few days, meeting an exceptionally high spiritual person, feeling someone's unconditional love for you, getting a massage, walking in a beautiful natural wilderness, viewing a poignant scene, or even getting space and time to be alone when you haven't had solitude for a long time.

What you must understand is that not matter how uncomfortable the healing crises is, the disease that would occur if you do not allow the healing to take place is twice as distressing.  If you sense your body to have stored toxins from past abuses, go easy on yourself.  Take steps slowly and gently to improve your health.  Begin listening and paying attention to what your body asks you to do.

There are many fine healing programs available.  There are hundreds of books on natural health and physical vitality.  Your local health food store or holistic health practitioner is the best place to begin to look for the knowledge you need.  But, inside yourself is the real doctor.  S/he may be currently incapacitated by your ignorance, but feed her knowledge and s/he will come alive.  If you currently have a severe illness, read as many books as you can get your hands on about case histories of people who have cured themselves through visualization, herbs, and fresh foods and juices or fasting.  Testimonials are numerous and very inspiring.

Meanwhile, substitute any health food or practice for any death food or practice in which you are currently engaged.  Spend a quiet moment with your body, and your body will quickly tell you which is which.  When you have one success, go for the next.

In Lak'esh, I am another yourself,  Peace and Blessings and Unconditional Love

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