"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Friday, August 17, 2012


The Vision Quest is one of the oldest tools used by Tribal People to seek direction for life.  Under the guidance of a Medicine Person, the seeker is sent to a remote location to fast and pray for three to four days.  The result of this activity, which is called Going on the Hill by the Sioux, is a fuller understanding of your place or pathway in the world.

Great Mystery gives the Sacred Medicine Helpers permission to come in vision=form to the person who is Vision Questing.  The Spirit of the animal, tree, stone, Moon, stars, or Ancestor who appears will be an Ally, or guide, during that seeker's Earth walk and will protect that person's Sacred Path.  Another aspect of the vision involves harnessing the energy presented to the seeker in the form of personal talents.  If these gifts are used properly,  they may allow a new type of growth potential throughout the seeker's life.  The path that should be followed to develop these talents may also be revealed during the Vision Quest.

Vision Quest are one tool used by those seeking direction in life.  Every time anyone Seeks the Silence of a balanced heart, the intuitive process can allow the truth to come forward.  Truth is the final destination of any seeker's path.  When the truth is found inside of the Self, there is no need to look further.  Since we are here to grow and experience the Good Red Road, we find that the path changes many times and can include many shifts in perception.  The vision created from truth is the heart's desire to Walk in Beauty.  A vision created from the need to control others or from greed is based in lies about the natural order of Creation.  A vision of the Sacred Path is always clear.

Every aspect of life and every state of awareness is accessible to those who seek the serenity of the Silence.  It is not necessary to go on Vision Quest once this natural balance has been achieved within the Self.  The original purpose of Vision Quest was to assist the seeker in finding a way to contact his state of inner-knowing so truth would be present in the person's life every moment.  Learning how to Stop the World at will is a talent that comes through working on the Self.  The more a person is connected to the Earth Mother and Great Mystery, the easier this balance becomes.

It is not a good idea for anyone to try to do a Vision Quest without guidance from a trained Medicine Person.  Each person lives a Vision Quest on a daily basis.  The key is to be aware of it.  To seek the signs and omens that allow humans to make proper decisions, then act upon those signs is a part of the Quest for life.  On the physical journey,  the Good Red Road affords the seeker hundreds of lessons that lead to inner-knowing.  The goal is to teach that place of inner-serenity so that the inner world is equal to the outer world.  When the two worlds are one, we become the living dream.

Now for those of you who would never be interesting in participating in a Vision Quest with  a Medicine person of a Native American tribe for whatever your reason but would like to do a quest for more knowledge about yourself and your mission here on the earth then there is an alternative for you.  In fact,  for my birthday I intend on questing with this group the Vipassana Meditation Retreat.  They offer three day and ten day silent retreats and they are offered all over the world.  The retreats are free.  You can contact them at www.dhamma.org.

Happy Retreating or Questing, changing your thinking will change your life.  Peace and Blessings  In La'kesh, I am another your self. 

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