"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wisdom does not produce a Chemical Response

Using wisdom does not change you chemically.  Wisdom is truth with out emotions attached to it.  Wisdom has no people related identity, no time, no place, no feelings or things attached to it.  There are no chemical signatures attached to wisdom: therefore, no neuro-chemical exposure to age the body's cells.  When we frequently flood the body with repeated states of emotion, we age the body's cells which become destroyed thus producing aging.  That is why we must  transcend our emotional self for our higher self.  When you are able to rise above judgement and criticism about people, places and things you will no longer flood the body with the sensations known as Emotion.  If you are continually creating thoughts in response to your perception of an event,  you floods the body with Neuro chemistry, you do that not anyone else YOU!!!  This redundant chemical exposure of the body's cell  to the same chemistry, exhaust the nutrient reserves of the cell and eventually the cells die from malnutrition; created by redundant chemical exposure and the loss of their effective response to the chemical directives release from the nucleus of their cells.  Also, due to prolonged exposure to a chronic unchanged chemical environment, the cell's membrane and intracelluar thresholds are reprogrammed.  This is why emotions are dangerous in the body.  We must learn how to control our emotion.  This culture as well as so many other tell us to allow yourself to express your emotions but emotional response is a learned behavior and it comes from the lower parts of our brain the reptilian and mammalian part of our brains.  Just because it is apart of our brains does not mean we need to access that part.  What we do need to do with that part of our brains is to learn how access the DNA, which controls that part of our brain and the functions of that part.  In other words, develop the instincts that animals have, being able to fly  and things of that nature.  We have those abilities but they are dominant within us.

In our Brains our thoughts create neurochemistry as a response to our perception, it then floods our cells with that neurochemistry and over time that neurochemistry weakens our chemical environment and our bodies become less and less responsive to its chemical environment which causes a weakness in our abilities to handle everyday metabolic activities. The cells will then exhibit dis-eased processes as a result of nutritional deficiences and altered response thresholds; due to the resultant toxic effects of redundant Neuro-peptide exposure...known as emotions.

When we know for ourselves that our primal nature is peaceful and we begin to incorporate this behavior within ourselves, we have the ability to stop producing the neuro chemical patterns that limit our abilities.  Which means we have to begin to control our emotions.  Emotions are learned responses.  They are not who we are. And we can move away from being emotional.  So remember the next time you express an emotion that you are producing neuro chemicals in the brain that over time will exhaust your physical body and cause you to age. You can reverse the aging process or at the very least stop it by releasing the emotions that you have developed in your body and walk in peace.
In Lak'esh, I am another yourself, Peace and Blessings and Love.

                                                   The Alchemy of Joy

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