"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Relinquishing Control

All of you type A people who want to control everything, it is time that you release yourself from the madness.  You can not control any thing but yourself and most of you are not even doing that!

"The Master does his job and then stops.
He understands that the universe is forever out of control and that trying to dominate events goes against the current of the Tao"

It is good to be comfortable with not being in control.  It is not a place most people like to be but when you really understand it, you really don't control anything.  We are often at the mercy of our emotions because we have not learnt how to control them.  We have been told that we have free will. But, as Divine Beings we have to understand that we don't have the right to not live the laws that have been put into place for us to live.  Not man made laws but the Divine laws.  When we don't live them we get into trouble.  When we don't live in harmony with the cycles, we get in trouble.  When you continuously don't sleep at night because of your thoughts, anxiety, too much coffee or what ever, you go through, your body is out of it's natural rhythm.  Once that happens all hell breaks loose.  As a Polarity Practitioner, I see so many people who have so much stress in their lives that it causes all sorts of problems in their body.  Many people don't know how to relax, let alone meditate.  I have even heard people say that they can not meditate.  They can not quiet down their minds to do so.  Since this has never been my problem and most likely will never be my problem, at first,  I did not understand them.  So I began to contemplate this concept and what came to mind was a complete understand of the 1st hexagram in the I Ching.  The I Ching is an oracle system that was used in Ancient China and still is used today.  The original people of China was call the Naks.  They migrated from Northeast Africa.  Most of the old history that comes out of China was from this group of people.  You really need to understand history and to study it well. You have to search and search for the truth for most of it is hidden. We have so much to learn.  Anyway, the I Ching is a very old book.  Most of the translations of it was done by Westerners who where not priest.  You have to be a priest or in the priesthood to understand most things and to be able to transcribe most text.    Anyway the first hexagram in the I Ching  is the most Yang hexagram.  Yang is all things that are fiery, hot, full of energy to the extreme and things like that.  And the hexagram talks about being fiery and how you deal with it.  There are six lines in the hexagram starting from the bottom up.  I speak about this hexagram because it reminds me of type A people.  You have so much fire and power that you are always ready to go forward.  But, going forward is not what is need all the time.  Sometimes, you have to be still and contemplative. The second hexagram is the most Yin hexagram.  It is calm, and cold and darkness and the womb.  Everything in the world is a combination of Yang and Yin.  You can not have one without the other.  So even in your life you have to honor the Yang and the Yin.  You have to go forth in the world and then you have to pull yourself back and rest and regenerate.  The is Honoring the natural flow of things in life.  This is relinquishing control and understanding that there is a natural order to things.  Relinquishing control allows you to see how your life fits into the whole.  It allows you to see what things are required for the whole to go forward as we move to our higher consciousness.  We are not dependent beings, we are interdependent.  What you do effect all of us in some form or fashion.  If you live your life understanding that, we will all prosper together. We will all achieve our highest good.  Because what you do snow balls down to the next person.  Most times we have no idea how we affect someone else.  We do things thinking that it is just about me.  Not realizing that it is not just about you but about us.  It takes a advance mind to comprehend this and to live their lives in this way.  So, evaluate your life and see if you feel out of control.  What will it take to bring things back to a state of equilibrium.  Mostly likely it will be allowing the Universe to control the outcome and for that to happen in your life you will have to relinquish control and just BE.  In Lak'esh, I am another yourself.

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