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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Animal Totem~~The Jaguar

When I first started my journey back in the 80's, I was reading a set of books by Lynn Andrew.  She wrote a book call Jaguar Women and I absolutely loved it.  I think I read the book about three times and wished I was a Jaguar Woman. At that time I knew nothing about Animal Totems.  In the book, Lynn talked about participating in a ceremony in the Yucatan where they entered a cave and went down into the earth.  That was the home of the Jaguar Queen who would be performing the initiation.  Boy, did I want to participate in a ceremony like that.  I love caves very much and I often think of living in one.  I can imagine the floor of the caves lined with fur from the animals.  I can see candles or native american ornaments and chairs with high backs and instruments.  That would be ideal for me.  Coming forward a couple of decades and learning about the Mayan calendar and my glyph as a White Rhythmic Wizard, I learned that my Animal Totem is the Jaguar.  It actually made perfect sense to me and if you really knew me, you would probably agree.  So since today is the first day of the White Wizard wavespell, I am going to honor my totem and talk about it and my relationship to it.  If you do not have a totem that you know of, I am sure if you ask spirit for that information you too would find out who helps you in your life and what medicine you carry.

Jaguars are power animals.  They represent a path of solitary, reclaiming power, shape shifting and psychic vision. They are stalkers, they move slowly and cautiously towards their prey and at just the right movement they spring with out hesitation.  They are solitary creatures, they hunt alone relying only on their own ability as expert hunters to catch their prey.  Jaguars to the Cloud People of South America embodies great mystery and magic.  Some of the most powerful Shamans carry Jaguar energy, they have the ability to move into realms and realities where others cannot follow.

Jaguar medicine reminds us that we must use our power for the greatest good, just as a jaguar does, using it's power to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.  We must show compassion, behavior impeccably and live with integrity.  In other words, listen to your higher self rather than the ego and use your personal power for obtaining your highest potential.

The Ancient Aztecs and Mayans believed that the jaguar would watch over humans looking for any dishonourable behavior.  Jaguar would devour individuals, either in real life or in dreams, bring justice for their misdeeds.

Also, according to Mayan beliefs, the journey of the sun across the sky and the darkness of night represented the infinite journey of human consciousness and its transformations.  The midday sun's position was compared to the Eagle, flying high in the sky, to then plunge below the horizon, just as we plunge into the dark to face our spiritual challenges and to be transformed.  The hidden sun was said to be the Jaguar, whose spotted skin represents the stars glittering/shining in the night sky.  Hence it was called the "Jaguar Sun." Jaguar is the earth father, holding the authority over the sacred power of and in the earth, and the animals who lived upon it.  The force that lives within the mountains, giving them their volcanic and transformative power, is the same underworld source of energy and power contained within the Jaguar Sun.  They are known as the gatekeeper to the unknowable.

People who carry the energy of the Jaguar have the potential to develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life or dimensions and should trust their thoughts and inner visions as they are based in reality.  These people also have a good command of language, although their words can have a tendency to cut, tear and shred others apart.  Learning correct communication skills is of foremost importance for these people.

The Jaguar powerful body is capable of taking them hundreds of miles in the search for food.  They are agile climbers.  They teach us how to fulfill goals/dreams through pliability and steadfastness.

Jaguars are at home in the dark with their excellent night vision.  They move fearlessly, whether night or day, teaching us how to trust our personal instincts.  Latent psychic sight may be stirred in those with this power animal.

The Jaguar's preferred habitat is usually swamp and wooded regions, although they are also able to live in scrublands and deserts.  Jaguars live in caves and canyons close to fresh water.  In mythology caves are linked with retreat and isolation, a place to go to aid soul work.  Water is linked with the emotional body of humans.  When the Jaguar bounds into your reality it is asking you to go within, to release your fears, to heal your emotions and to awaken your inner sight.  When you come out of retreat the Jaguar will be there awaiting you.  If you choose to follow his lead, he will guide you into the underworld where the secrets of life are to be found.

It never cease to amaze me the information that comes to me when I least expect it.  I just do my morning meditations, pour libation and move through my day.  When spirit is ready for me to go forward, something will always present it self.  I envision that this information will spark a light within you and you will discover if you have not what energy moves through you unlocking the door to yet another aspect of yourself.

In Lak'esh, I am another yourself, Peace, Blessings and Love


  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

  2. You are most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to come a visit the blog. Do come back often.

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  4. Hi, how can you recognize if your power animal is the Jaguar.... is there a particular method of confirming this animal is with you.....???? thankyou very much

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