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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The 7 Divisions of the Spirit

"Zuvuya is a Mayan teaching, everything that has been unconscious is becoming conscious.' So it is on the Natural Time path - we are merely waking the knowledge within us, innate to our bodies and souls."

I was having a conversation the other day and thinking about the three blogs that I am in the process of writing.  But, for some reason I don't feel like finishing them now.  So I was thinking about what I should write about next.  In one of my classes, I was explaining to the class how I got my name, Rasheka Herr-ra Shenna.  It darned on me that I did not tell them what the name meant.  My name means One who vitally strengthens the BA and gives birth to the Sun. I walk the earth with the energy of that name.  And it ain't no joke.  Vitally strengthening the BA always put me in situations that require me to do my work.  The BA is the highest aspect of the spirit and we have 7 aspect of the spirit or Divisions of the spirit.  Receiving a name in most cultures is a very serious thing. Your name has a vibration and it is through that vibration that you should grow spiritually. When I changed my name many years ago, I did not realize the impact a name could have on you.  I wanted my name changed because I wanted to feel that I belonged to a particular tribe and everybody had an african name.  However, as always I am blessed beyond measure and my spirit guides made sure when I changed my name that it continue to vibrate to the energy of the name the my family gave me.  It does and it took me many years to understand that it did.  How cleaver.  I got my spiritual name through meditation.  Meditation is the great way to get a new name if you are able to do it otherwise to be able to get a name from an elder in your community would also help, provided that elder has the ability to resonate with your spirit.  I think it is much better than putting together a name from a book. What I also like about my name or our naming process is that is corresponds with the energy you came back here to achieve.  We give people name based on their Incarnation Objective.  Your incarnation objectives are received through oracle readings and through meditation.  Really cool stuff.  And as time moves forward you can see your Incarnation Objective playing itself out in your life.  This is magic at the highest level. Most people don't understand the energy of names and that you will have to live up to that energy.  When people call you by your name that energy resonates in the universe.  It is very heavy Metaphysical practice going on and most people have no idea about it. So personally, I would be very careful in what you allow people to call you. (I'm just saying)

There are seven divisions of the spirit.  Did you know that? They may similar to the chakra system but I think the division of the spirit came first and out of our attempts to understand them came the chakra system.  There are also 5 planes of existence and I will do my best to interweave that information in this discussion too. Our creators, developed a whole cosmogony of information and order in creating the Universe.  This is really heavy stuff and I certainly don't remember it all yet.  But since the blog is about my journey, understanding the divisions of the spirit is something I learned a long time ago so now I will share what I know.  Please do more research should you want to know more, ask the Universe and it will give you the answers you seek.

I will start with the first division and go down so that we can understand where we come from and need to develop up to in our spiritual development.


This is the spiritual vehicle wherein dwell the spiritual laws that must govern man's life, and the Ausar faculty; it is thus the Divine Spirit in man.  When consciousness (the self) is elevated to this vehicle, oneness with God and all is achieved.  Man shares in God's omnipresence and is therefore able to influence all creatures in the world through his/her will given the fact that he/she is present, although not consciously in all other creatures.  The Ba is the vehicle of immortality.  As the receptacle for the laws that make up man's divine self-image, the Ba is man's true soul.  Since most people have not experienced this part of being, they take the Sahu, one of the lower parts of being to be their soul.


This is the vehicle wherein resides the wisdom (Tehuti) faculty in man.  When consciousness (the Self) becomes established in this spirtual vehicle the man/woman shares in God's omniscience, and is able thus to avoid and solve all problems in his.her destiny and of all the people in his/her circle of influence.  This faculty also survives death and is immortal.


This is the vehicle wherein dwells the spiritual power of God.  When consciousness (the Self) becomes established in this spiritual vehicle the man/woman shares in God's omnipotence, and is able thus to achieve all goals for himself and for the people in his/her sphere of influence.  It is important to realize that spiritual power is not unlimited force but the expression of the open way;  the essence of the Will of God is equilibrium between the needs of all creatures in the world (wisdom).  You are able to will as God wills, that is, manifest the Will of God, when what you want in life does not violate any creature's lawful interest, and what's more, promotes their well being.  And since your will assists the needs of God and of all other creatures you avoid opposition and secure the assistance from others wherever and whenever it is needed.  This is the essence of spiritual power.  This spiritual vehicle is also immortal.


Heart spirit:  This is the vehicle wherein dwells the will of man.  When consciousness (the Self) becomes established in this spiritual vehicle the man/woman is able to manifest the freedom of the will.  We saw earlier how consciousness is lifted to and established in this spiritual vehicle.  Since this is the vehicle that enables man to choose between right and wrong, it is the vehicle that is judged in the critical process of transforming from a human to a god~man or god-woman~a neter.  This transition does not only take place after death as Egyptologists would have ou believe.  Divinzation during life on earth is a requirement for true success in earthly life.  This faculty dies with the lower faculties if the person failed to live truth and thus failed the final judgment at death.  This the "second death."  The Ab is devoured by the monster Aummet (part crocodile, lion and hippopotamus).  This monster is nothing more than a graphic poetic metaphor of the predatory emotions that were nurtured by the person during the earthly life that now acts as the destroyers of the will soul that failed to control them.  If the judgement is passed after death, then this faculty is absorbed into  the Ba and shares in the immortality of the latter.


This is the vehicle that we refer to, in the contemporary world, as the mind or our soul.  It comes into the world as a blank slate.  Note that all the other faculties are already programmed with their functions and they correspond therefore to the "nature." while the Sahu corresponds to that which is to be nurtured.  A fundamental principle that governs life is the experiencing of the laws/truths that govern life.  We all come into the physical world to experience the truths and laws of life for the sole reason that the laws, eleven in all, compose the "body" of God.  The realization of our divinity takes place through the process of building our divine(lawful) body.  It must be realized that the spirit is composed of eleven laws, and spirituality is the cultivation of these laws/truths into the Sahu (mind).  Everybody comes to earth to prove a premise.  Some people come to earth to prove that crime pay, that health can be achieved and maintained without paying attention to laws, that success can be achieved without or in violation to God, etc.  Another set of people come to prove the eleven divine laws.  The proving is the function of the divine earth intelligence~~Geb.  Sooner or later, all life premises that are not in harmony with the eleven divine laws will manifest a negative effect on earth.  On the other hand, living according to the 11 divine laws will manifest total success on earth.  Viewed from another perspective, such success will be deemed a miracle, magic, the manifestation of spiritual power, and so on.  The spiritual vehicle is one of the components that people refer to as their soul, or their mind.  It records all of the experiences in life.  If what is recorded in it are experiences of living in harmony with the eleven laws of the divine spirit, then the Sahu is absorbed after death into the Ba and shares in the immortality of the later.  Otherwise, it is destroyed as a useless and failed experiment. The divine faculties that originate the attributes of the personality project the persona images into this part of the spirit.


Egyptologists refer to this vehicle as the "shadow" of the physical body because it bears a shadowy resemblance to the latter.  It resembles the physical body because it is the electro-magnetic (and other subtle forces) field that surrounds and integrates the atoms and molecules of the physical body.  It is the lowest portion of the life-force and its function is to animate the mind (Sahu), provide for the psychic functions is strongly determined by the thoughts that are held about life.  It is destabilized and negatively affected by thoughts that induce negative emotions, by toxins in the diet and environment, by one's lifestyle, by the manner of breathing (it is the target of spiritual breathing practices~~ pranayama, Qi gong, etc.)  This body is a part of the physical realm and serves thus as a means of isolating the self, which is a universal entity, as a separated existence.  It also provides man with the proof of the premises that he/she comes to earth to prove.  A false premise will have a negative effect on the lower life-force, destabilizing thus the mental functions, psychic life and physiological mechanisms.  We must keep in mind that the expressions of energy are always governed by laws.  This is a mortal vehicle.  It passes with the physical body at death.  It is the ghost that is seen by sensitive people.

As the principle of animation of the mind, the psyche and the physical body it is the animal spirit.  It is the seat of emotions, motion and sensuality.  It is the source, therefore of all animating or animalistic propensities and activities~~eating, anger, sexual craving, achievement through force, etc.  Due to the absence of the knowledge of the various divisions of the spirit in exoteric Judaism, the rabbis equated the nature of this part of being~~one of the lowest of seven-with the nature of the whole man.  There is a world of a difference in accepting the thought that you are sinful by nature as opposed to the thought that one of seven parts of you-- and one of the lowest at that--is sinful(has inherent animalistic tendencies) by nature, and it is under the control of the five higher spiritual faculties and by you as the will.


This is the physical body.  It provides the Self(consciousness), which is a universal entity in scope, with the means of isolating itself as an individuated being.  Shine a light through a green glass and a red glass and the light will come out on the other sides of each as separate and different entities even though they are of one and the same source.  It is in this manner that we are all different from each other and all other creatures in the world, yet One.  This body also provides us with the proof of the premises by which we live.  Accept the premise that anger is natural and unavoidable and you will see the effects in your body as illness.

From the foregoing can be seen the fallacy in the saying "dust to dust, ashes to ashes," and "from dust we came, to dust we return."  In the Kamitic tradition we say, "body to the earth.  Spirit to heaven."  From the above discourse on the seven spiritual vehicles of man, we can now speak intelligently about perfection, wholeness, immortalilty, "hell and heaven", and man's true life as a spirit.

Perfection is nothing more than  completion.  To become perfect is to complete the spiritual vehicle that is needed to live forever as a neter--a spiritual divine being.  At death you shed the lower two and survive with the higher five if you passes the judgement after death (and in your life on earth).

If you failed, you lose the will spirit (Ab), and the spirit where was recorded your earthly experiences (Sahu).  You are left with what you had before you came to earth--with your divine spirit (Ba), wisdom spirit (Khu) and spiritual power (Shekhem).  But you have gained nothing from your life because all memories have been eased with the destruction of the Sahu.  It is only worth keeping when it contains the record that verifies the truth/laws of Maat.  The negative consequence to the sel is the disappointment of the self residing in the Ba of the failure to manifest its divinity on earth.  If you pass the judgment--the Weighing of the Heart (Ab) and Words (in the Sahu)--after death, you become permanently established as god that can come forth by day (return to earth) at will with full retention of the skills that were honed in past lives.  Note that for the failed lives, there is no eternal damnation or roasting in hell and such other acts that are unbecoming of a God of infinite mercy and love.

Excepted from Ra Un Nefer Amen's book Nuk Au Neter
In Lak'esh, (I am another yourself)  Peace, Blessings and Much Love

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