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Sunday, April 22, 2012

39 Days of Prayer by Brandi Auset

I have some of the best girlfriends on the planet.  We are each other's keeper.  We love and respect each other and we make sure that all of us have what we need, physically, spiritually, emotionally and so on.  So when Therese told be to check out this website Brandi Auset.com to read the 39 days of prayer that is what I did.  I liked it so much that I passed it on and then I thought I would post it on my blog.  Brandi Auset gave me permission to do so, so here we are.  I have only posted the first 10 days of the 39 days of pray.  Go to her website for a large array of information and send her some good good vibes for what she brings to the table.

Day 1 - Preparation for a New Beginning

Gracious Goddess, Wondrous God
You who are the sun and moon,
I stand before you, open and willing for my heart to be transformed
by your light and your love.
May my eyes be opened so that I may witness
the parts of myself that I have kept hidden.
I surrender my self-doubt, and accept your gift of assurance.
Thank you Lady and Lord,
for making my transformation one of grace and ease.
So mote it be.

Day 2 – A Daily Prayer to Saule

Saule – Baltic Sun Goddess. Saule is the mother of the planets and the embodiment of the sun. She ensures the growth of vegetation as well as household prosperity. She is associated with the sea and with the underworld; the light She emits is a representation of hope during difficult times. Saule is pictured with long golden hair, and serpents are sacred to Her.
Saule, Lady of the sky
As your sun rises in the east
Bless my feet as I enter into the day
So that every step I take is divinely led.
May my mind be blessed with your wisdom,
So that my decisions are sound and pure.
Help those I love to enter into this day with hope and joy
And be at their side as they need you.
Saule, ruler of the dark and unknown
Give me faith and strength when I reside in shadows
And may the negativity of others leave me unaffected as your sun sets in the west.
Keep me and mine safe as the moon rules the sky.
Blessed be.

Day 3 – For Friends and Loved Ones

I pray for my friends
For those who have loved and supported me through
My times of joy and my times of pain
I honor them in your name Goddess,
And ask that they be blessed by your hand.
Stand with them, as they have stood with me,
Defend them when they cannot defend themselves.
Allow me to be strong and compassionate when I am needed.
Blessed be.

Day 4 – Honoring Our Ancestors

Enekpe – African Goddess of Family. Enekpe is the Guardian of Destiny, particular within the familial blood line. It is said Her worshippers went to war, and were threatened with extinction. Enekpe offered Herself as a sacrifice in order to save Her people. She was buried alive on the field of battle, and Her tribe was saved, their linage blessed by Her blood for eternity.
My blood is made from your water
my body from your earth
my heart from your fire
my breath from your wind.
I am made from the women and men who came before me.
I call to you Enekpe, and give thanks for my ancestors
who fought for my existence.
I honor their sacrifices and their offerings.
I call to you Enekpe, in gratitude and thanksgiving
For the piece of you that lives within me,
Your divine spark will carry on in my body and spirit
Along with the gifts of my ancestors
To nurture the hearts of the family who will rise from my flame and ashes.
Blessed be.

Day 5 – To See the True Self

Amaterasu Omikami – Japanese Goddess of the Sun. As ruler of the High Plain of Heaven, Amaterasu is the central figure of the Shinto pantheon. She is the highest manifestation of the universe, Her radiance shining its life-giving rays over Her people and the earth. Her beauty and light is encompassing, producing fertile fields of rice, wheat, and flowers. Her most popular and prevalent myth tells of when Amaterasu, overcome with grief, hid Herself away in a dark cave, causing the world to be plunged into darkness and despair. Only the mirror reflection of Her exuberance and glory was powerful enough to draw Her out of hiding. She is the inventor of weaving and spinning, and is represented by the mirror.
Uzume – Japanese Goddess of Laughter. Uzume is the full figured goddess of happiness and femininity. She is the embodiment of energy in action, and gives birth to light and hope. When Amaterasu hides herself away in a cave, Uzume entices her out by performing a lewd comical dance and then holds a mirror to her face so that Amaterasu may see her beauty. Bells and dancing are sacred to Uzume.
Amaterasu Omikami, Goddess of light and sun
You hid your splendor from the world
And humanity suffered
But through the laughter and joy of Uzume
You made your way back
Allow me to learn from you, Amaterasu Omikami
Guide me from the darkness of the cave,
Heal the sadness and doubt within me and allow me to see my true spirit.
Show me how to look at my reflection with honor, respect, and reverence
And I, like you, can bless the world with my beauty.
Uzume, Goddess of Laughter
You are proof I can live life without shame
and laugh without fear
Teach me how to give my smile freely, how to laugh with my whole body and soul
So that I may release the hurts of the past
And move into my joyous future.
Thank you Mothers, for your love of me.
So mote it be.

Day 6 – Praising the Infinite

I honor the Goddess of all things known and unknown
She who is made of shadow and light
Chaos and order
Who provides the balance within my heart and mind
And loves me as I am.
I honor the God of all things seen and unseen
He who is made of strength and passivity
Who cradles and sets free
Who teaches me the power of speech and silence
And loves me as I am.
Blessed be.

Day 7 – The Power of Anger

Sekhmet – Punishing Goddess of Egypt. Sekhmet is referred to as the Eye of Ra, as She is the personification of God’s anger. Her role as both a creative and destructive force aligns Her with women, as she represents the fire of femininity. Sekhmet protects women, bestows inner balance, and stands for righteous anger. She is depicted as a full figured woman with the head of a lion.
Sekhmet, She of Desert and Flame
Mother of blood and strength, Devourer and Healer
Hear me, Lady, oh hear me
I have learned the perils of anger
And the hurts of misspoken words and untrustworthy hearts
But with each wound came your healing lesson
And I thank you for this.
I call to you now
So that in my new experiences
I will embrace worthwhile pursuits
And that I may learn righteous anger
Which is the force behind the power of change.
When I speak my truth, may my voice rise like your roar
And when I am slighted, may I forgive and release with ease
Red Lady,
Lend me your wisdom
So that I may know when to fight and when to walk away.
Blessed be.

Day 8 – To Embrace the Good Things

Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of Love and Music. The embodiment of success and abundance, Hathor rules all aspects of beauty, wealth, and the arts. She is the patroness of dancers and musicians, and rules all aspects of womanhood and femininity. A benign deity, Hathor bestows happiness and joy on Her followers, and is most often worshipped with fragrant perfumes, songs, and dance rituals. She is depicted as a beautiful woman with a cow’s ears carrying a sistrum. Her traditional offerings are two mirrors, and myrrh.
Hathor, Goddess of Blissful Things
I am learning my lessons in anger from your mirror, Sekhmet
And I come to you to learn pleasure
I freely and fully release all things that keep me from happiness, love, and prosperity
And those things freely and fully release me.
I make room in my life and heart for your blessings
Teach me to anoint myself for pleasure
To adorn myself for passion and creativity
Prepare me for the dance that leads me to joy.
Blessed be.

Day 9 – A Simple Gratitude Prayer

Mother of the Moon and Sea
Father of the Sun and Forests
Thank you for your love, protection, and compassion.
May your presence be felt in my life this day.

Day 10 – To Recognize Prosperity

Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess of Prosperity. Lakshmi is the epitome of wealth and abundance in both the material and spiritual realms. She rules prosperity in all its forms, and widely bestows Her gifts to those who are open to receive. Celebrations of Lakshmi are held during the month of October. She is generally pictured wearing red and gold, standing on a blooming lotus with gold coins pouring from Her hands. Full moons are sacred to Her.
Mother Lakshmi,
You who are the abundance of all things,
You who supplies the treasures of heaven and earth,
Hear my prayer.
As the coins tumble freely from your hands,
And the milk flows from your breasts
I know that you supply me with everything I need
to be prosperous and successful in my career,
my home, and my relationships.
I thank you for this.
Glorious Lakshmi
Your love for humanity means we will never go without
And as the world is blinded by ideas of lack and poverty,
Remind us that you are the true source of luxury
Help us become open to receive you.
Blessed be.

In Lak'esh, I am another yourself, Peace, Love and Light!!!

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