"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Psychic Birth Control

"All that every was or will be is here now within me.  My body incorporates the planetary dream and my most personal love into a life grace-filled."

Your body contains the wisdom of many bodies.  Your learning is not just that which you have acquired in the current life. You can tap the expertise acquired by other simply by visualizing them, opening to their particular talents, and seeing the flow of these talents enter into yourself.  Your visualization puts you in an energy alignment with the life experiences that will, over time, allow you to become more and more in tune with that on which you focus.

Comtemplating God, one likens oneself to God, bringing about the experiences of purification of one's being which draw one to the ultimate enlightenment.  On a more mundane level, comtemplating peace brings peace; contemplating golf balls brings golf balls (yes, you will notice them more and more!); disease brings disease; love bring love.  The manifestation is not often instant, perhaps due only to our short attention span and inability to keep our mind on any one thing.  But we do plant seeds with every thought on which we dwell.  The longer we allow it to rest on any one thing, the more we are inclined to draw that thing to ourselves.

If you wish to produce a happy marriage, a fulfilling job, a healthy baby, a work of are , or a peaceful world, the process is the same.  Put your mind to it.  The body will follow.  The body contains immense creative resources.  It is constantly re-creating itself in your image.  Use this force wisely.  Dwelling on fears, unwanted possibilities, anxieties, losses, disappointments, and dislikes tends to prolong their life with your creative power.

As stated previously, thought power is not usually an instantaneous magical cure.  But it will lead you directly to lessons in living that will cause you to learn what you need to know in order to manifest what you are seeking to produce.  Think of the mind as a womb.  Babies have a gestation period.  In that time, the mother goes through a lot of learning.  She prepares consciously and unconsciously for what is inevitably ahead.  The preparation may not all be sweet.  Challenges will occur to the extend that the outcome you are after is alien to your current lifestyle.  Just as it would be hard for a mother bear to produce a tiger cub, it would be hard for a shy person living in an isolated village in Australia to become the president of General Motors.  Your "baby" is going to be something like yourself.  Your product--the manifested outcome of your visualized idea--will be an outgrowth of the kind of person you have been and the life you have led thus far.

 If you are just beginning to take over the control of your mind, you cannot expect to manifest instant result of visualized desires that are way out of the range of possibility as you perceive it.  Start small and "close to home".  Just stretch your limitations a little at first.  It's okay to visualize the best possible outcome, but realize that the farther away or more impossible it seems, the longer it is likely to take and the more lessons you may have to learn to get there.

Your psychic power (mind control) can be used for everything from manifesting four dollars to go to a movie to controlling the conception of a child within your body.  But, you must realize the consequences of your risk.  And you must realistically assess the challenges that may come to you as a result of your manifestation process.  In the case of the four dollars, if you don't get it, it probably will be only a minor, short-term disappointment.  If you do get it, it may be because you caught a glimpse of a want ad that said "One hour's work needed, four dollars".  In the case of psychic control of conception, having a child you don't want could be devasting.  On the other hand, if you are willing and able to accept that possibility, you will be led to life experiences that will cause you eventually to be able to exert this much control over our physical/spiritual being.

Using your mind power has many side effects.  All of them can be beneficial if you consider the risks you are willing to take as you learn what is needed in order for your life to revolving (even temporarily) around that which you are attempting to manifest.

The general guidelines for becoming a womb of conscious creations are:

1.  Conceive the best possible world for yourself.
2.  Become pregnant with ideas that please you and inspire you.
3.  Gestate health, wealth, and happiness as you define them.
4.  Prepare for that which you hope to manifest. 
5.  Visualize your creative energy flowing toward what you want to produce. If it is
       not a baby, then it had better be something else all-involving!  You are tapping
       a powerful core.  Be ready to use it.
6.  Fill your mind-womb with success stories that turn you on.  Somewhere there is a 
      culture and an age that you can strongly identify with if you don't like the one 
      you are in.  Go there...least in books and fantasies.  Open to the people's wisdom.
7.  Look high.  Find a Goddess or a Grandmother to serve as a model and midwife to 
      your creative outcome.
8.  Act on the impulses that seem to put you closer to your goal.  The body is the final        processor of your creative mind baby.  It has to do it in the end.  Doing is the 
       birth experience itself.
9.  Celebrate.  You are done.  The creation is real.  The idea has become flesh.  Your
        flesh.  Your spirit is embodied.  Relax and enjoy.

You don't have to get creative.  You already are.  You just have to grab the reins of power and take over.  Harness your dreams and intuitions and GO!  Life will bring you every experience you need to succeed. 

Manifest! Manifest! Manifest!   In Lak'esh (I am another yourself)

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