"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Your Power Place

Have you ever thought of a place of power where you go to get recharged?  It is a place of reconnection with Earth Mother where you share your celebration of physicality.  It is a place where your spirit gets energy just from being there and it is a place where you need to return to several times a year that help to put your life in prospective.  When we find a Power Place in our outer world we are asked to also acknowledge the Power Place inside of our bodies.  For each person it may be different, but this place is where we each feel total connection to the physical realm of our bodies.

Your Power Place allows you to be in the present moment and see it as a gift of life.  When we reconnect to a location on the Earth Mother, we come fully into present time, and then we know that our empowerment is the power of loving, totally and unconditionally, everything that we are at every moment in our lives.  This can manifest as loving our bodies, our health, our sexuality, our feelings, our thoughts, our ability to move with rhythm, our roles in society, or our blessing in life.

When we seek empowerment we need a tool to physically carry out our plans and dreams.  This tool is the body.  The needs of our bodies are based in Earth Connection, for they are made of the same element the Mother Earth contains.  Our bodies atrophy if they are overworked or not exercised or given freedom of expression.  To ignore how we are connected to the Earth is to ignore the role our bodies play in our quest for wholeness. Heath is the greatest gift we have.  And the life force is our ticket to entering the spirit world.  You have to have energy to be able to move your consciousness into the spirit world.  So many of us treat our bodies as if they are just there for our abuse.  You have to take care of your physical body.  Eating good food, taking minerals and vitamins, using products on our skin that are free of chemicals and drinking lots of water.  It is also important that several times of year you cleans your organs so that they can function optimally.  In the spring, it is a good time to cleans your liver, in the fall it is a good time to cleans your kidneys.  It is important that we understand the cycles of the universe because just as the universe cycles from spring to summer to fall and to winter our bodies progress in the same manner.  The is ancient information but it is still validate today.  So few of us ever take the time just to be with ourselves.  If we did we too would begin to understand more about ourselves as a microcosmic entity in the macrocosmic universe.

It is necessary to connect to the Earth and our physicality in order to express our unique missions during our Earth Walk.  The sacredness of physicality has been destroyed by most religions on the planet today.  To find the guiltless joy of being physical and using body, mind, heart, and spirit in balance is a rare ability.  This is the true essence of Earth Connection and empowerment.  The outer Power Place is a mirror reflection of the inner world where each of us comes to a place of awareness that speaks of the sacredness of our present forms being extension of our true Mother, the Earth.  The earth is fertile in order to feed all of her  children.  She moves and expresses her sensuality and her wisdom in equal roles.  We are being asked to honor this same reflection of spirituality and physicality in ourselves.

Grace, pleasure, worthiness, health, sexuality, sensuality, wisdom, feelings, unconditional love, creativity, guiltless  freedom of expression, and sense of wholeness are the gifts she freely gives to those who would seek shelter in her arms.  The empowerment is in acknowledging these gifts of beauty in ourselves when we return to the Power Places that call us to them.  These Power Places are mirrors of the inner beauty we each hold in our physical forms and of how that beauty is manifesting outwardly each time we free ourselves enough to express it.

The safety of the Earth Mother allows us to express that which we might not otherwise be able to bring forth.  The expression of who we are is often stifled by old belief systems that hinder our personal empowerment.

The Power Place is a location that is totally safe for the individual.  In this area we are able to let go of our fears, be ourselves, evaluate our feelings, review our innermost thoughts, and be the dream we are in a physical way.  Once we reconnect to the Power Place, we may find it has always lived within us.

In La'Kesh, (I am another yourself)  Peace and Love on Your path to your Power Place!

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