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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Saturday, October 22, 2011

From the East(direction) We get Illumination

I used to wonder why when groups of people said their prayers that they turn and face the east. The Muslims do that and the Hebrew Israelites also do that.  I think I heard somewhere that their Holy cities, Mecca and Jerusalem respectfully are in the East so that is the directions they pray towards which certainly makes sense if you think about it.  Since I am studying an assortment of things that have come to me through meditation, I realize so many things have value.  I love learning about the Elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. And I love to study information on the four directions: East, South, West and North.  There is a lot to be said about the directions, so let's explore the EAST!

In the Seneca tradition, the East represents the Eastern Shield. (I love that, gives me goose bumps) is the place of illumination where Eagle lives.  In this place you will find the Golden Door that leads to all other levels of awareness and understanding.  The  East is where Grandfather Sun greets us each morning.  There are three paths of the east the first one is the Artist's creativity.  This path is to use any talent or creativity you have and you will know illumination.

The second pathway is guarded by our Sister, Snake.  She sheds her skin and we see this shedding as a way of letting go of old habits.  The Snake Medicine People transmute poisons to change and heal.  The second path to illumination is healing and transmuting poisons.

The third pathway to illumination is like the symbol of money.  It comes in knowing how to properly use and exchange energy.  Energy exchange can be barter, trade, or pay.  It can be give-away, IOU, or simple greed.  Exchange is performed by givers and takers who know that money and energy are the same.  Most people do not understand that money is energy.  Most people don't understand that you have to give it freely in order to get more of it.  Most people have a fear of not having money so they hold on to it and don't give any away and therefore are always chasing behind it to get more instead of giving some of it away to those who are in need so that more can come back to you.  This is the energy of money.  Someone said that "Happiness is giving away the very thing you want more of".  Is it true? I have found it to be.

Also in the Seneca Tradition, the East is also the home of the Golden Door.  This door leads to all other levels of imagination and awareness.  To pass through the Golden Door is to see beyond the mundane and to touch Father Sky.  Riding on Eagle's back to the freedom of true knowing often occurs when one Journeys through the Golden Door.  On the other side of the Golden Door there is no limitation, no hesitation, and no fear.

Fear cannot exist in the presence of the golden love of Grandfather Sun.  Truth abides with us when we challenge our limitations and move through any set of negative thoughts into the expansiveness of lofty ideals, allowing ourselves to see the Golden Light of Understanding.

The East also holds the energy of the male side of our nature, which has the ability to go forth into uncharted areas of life and seek new ideas.  It is in the East that we challenge and conquer our greatest lessons in forward movement.

The East Shield is the Traditional home of the Eagle.  Eagle's medicine is the symbol of freedom from all forms of ignorance and bigotry.  Eagle guards the place of lofty ideas. Eagles are visionaries.  It's power and burden is to observe what is, see the earth's surface like a map, take in the big picture.  Eagle can see what works, what doesn't, the distance between things, the channels around obstruction, who waits for whom on either side of impossible mountain ranges, oceans.  Eagles time is an homage to the mind, both visionary and survivalistic, and a chance to clear it of clutter that obscures many levels of seeing.  We want to find the big picture, the map of our lives, to lift above the obstacles and see the paths between separations.  We want to sort it out like a puzzle, make plans and solutions, distance ourselves momentarily from the girdlock, quagmire.   The humbling part of Eagle is to remember why we want out of stasis, the freedom of open air. It's romantic to think eagles like gliding around on wind currents, that they choose that lifestyle because it's exotic, exhilarating, but in terms of evolution they rise high above in order to pick out what's vulnerable, unfortified, and attack and eat it. Thus transformation.  One must have transformation to reach illumination.

To understand the East Shield is to invite Eagle into your heart.  The heart that is free to soar to the heights above Sacred Mountain and view all of creation is one that knows the lesson of the East Shield.

In La'Kesh, I am another yourself.

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