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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There is a very old story floating around the Universal about a sun who was born from a virgin mother who through his life, he would glorify his father in heaven and die for the sins of the people so that they may continue to live and be saved from their sins.  It is a wonderful tale of how he die and was raised from the dead and how he took two fishes and three loaves of bread and feed a multitude of people and so on and so on.  I know this sounds familiar as most of the world believes this story, I certainly did when I was young and knew not better.  But, I do know better now and the origins of this story is so much more profound then I thought and therefore the original story involves a different set of characters and from them I choose my hero and his name is HERU.

The story of Ausar is to the Kamitic people what the Old Testament is to the Jews, and the Bible is to the Christians.  It is the master text of the Ausarian religion, which dominated the life of all of Egypt throughout its history.  It is the key to understanding philosophy and way of life of the people and all their major religious books.  To understand this story and to benefit from it one must keep in mind that the deities in the story are personifications of faculties residing in the spirit of God and Man.  The story starts with Ausar coming to rule on the throne.  The people he ruled were a normadic tribes in constant warfare against each other.  He brought civilization and spirituality to the people, enabling them to achieve prosperity.  He gave them a body of laws to regulate their conduct, settled their disputes justly, and instructed them in  the science of spiritual development.  He shared the rulership of the land with his wife Auset, who domesticated wild barley and wheat.  There was prosperity and peace.

While Ausar was away, Auset ruled the land so expertly, that her brother Set who was consumed with jealousy over Ausar’s success, was unable to realize his main desire.  He sought in vain to stir up rebellion n the kingdom, so he plotted to overcome Ausar by deception.  He was able to get the king to lay down in a funerary chest to see if the chest fit.  When Ausar did lay down in the chest, the followers of Set closed the lid and soldered it fast with lead and the King died.  The followers of Set overthrew the remaining government  Thus ended a peaceful and prosperous country. 

When news traveled back to Auset, she wept and vowed to find her husband’s body.  It took her a really long time to recover it.  She had to cloak herself and go deep into the land because her brother Set was looking for her to kill her as well.  He know that Auset had magical powers and he did not want her to resurrect her dead husband.    As the story goes,  she did find the body of her husband and she was able to resurrect him for a short period of time.  She was able to conceive a child and the child’s name was Heru.  Heru’s main objective was to revenge his father’s death.  Auset and Heru had to flee the country so that her brother Set would not find her and the child.  She went to look for a guide to teach her and her son how to overcome Set.  They studied for many years until Heru was strong enough and mature enough to battle with his Uncle.  And battling his Uncle he did.  They fought violently sometimes Set would win and sometime Heru would win.  It went on for many years and finally Heru realized that he needed help to completely over come his Uncle so he sought the help of Tehuti, the God of Wisdom.  Tehuti was able to assist Heru’s challenge of his Uncle.  And Heru finally gain access to the throne.
He wanted to kill his Uncle but his loving mother Auset would not allow it.  And in a moment of heat and rage, Heru cut of his mother’s head.  Tehuti restored her head by replacing it with the head of a cow.  Then they restored Ausar who became the God of the Underworld, the King over the dead and Heru became the King of the Living.

Here is a little more insight into the story:  When Ausar first came to the throne and the people in his kingdom had given themselves over to evil and sin this symbolizes the state of the lower part of being when not guided by the indwelling divinity because it is restricted to the subconscious life of the person.  Individuals and nations are doomed to evil experiences.  When the indwelling intelligence (Ausar)  comes to the foreground it brings order to the life of the individual, resulting in a prosperous, healthy, and successful life.  As the central faculty of the Sahu. (lower part of the spirit) Auset the persona shares in the government of the life of the individual and nations because of her devotion to following Ausar—the divine Self.  Set represents the partially developed will, combined with syllogistic intellect, which in turn is dominated by the animal spirit. It is the principle of evil in Man.  Auset ability to use magic to conceive a child by no living man is the oldest documented version of immaculate conception.  It is no secret that the concept of the Virgin Mary and Jesus originated in this story.  When Set heard about it he set out in persecution of the new born heir to the throne thus having Auset and Heru become invisible in the eyes of Set to survive.  Tehuti, the omniscience of God was the only way Heru could defeat Set, through using wisdom. 

Heru corresponds to our will, which is the freedom to follow or reject divine law, and our emotions.  This freedom is the crux of our divinity.  Without it, man would be compelled to follow the structural shaping forces of order which manifest in the 10th sphere as the "instincts" that compel all other creatures to obey the law, in which case he could not be held accountable to law, human or divine, let alone be considered the "likeness of God."  Spiritual growth occurs only when behavior and actions are initiated independent of emotional impulses ( one ignores them).  Many people are ignorant of the intrinsic freedom of their will, or are so habituated to acting out of emotional impulsions, or seeming compulsion, that they voluntarily renounce their intrinsic mastery over their spirits.  This defaulting to the emotions is represented by Heru Khenti an Maati, or "Heru the Blind."

Another common misconception about the will is the belief that "power" is an attribute of it.  The ability to achieve one's will is, therefore, spoken of as "strength of will. But the very factors that make the will intrinsically free of emotional(the power part of our being) influence, also denies it of power as its attribute. When we declare our will to achieve a goal or carry out a behavior, we are commanding another part of our being which possesses the attributes of power. This is Ra, our life-force.  Our willingness to carry out our will, as we all know so well, depends greatly on our state of vitality.  Heru is assisted in his work of protecting the work of Ausar on our behalf by his four children, Hapi who represents a northern force, and protects the small viscera of the body; Tuamutef represents the eastern, and protects the heart, and the lungs; Amset represent the southern, and protects the stomach and large intestines, and Qebhsennuf represents the western and protects the liver and gall bladder.  There is more than just mere symbolism at work here.  But the heart of the teaching is that by observing order, regularity, and the cycles governing the body's functions the health of the vital organs were insured, and thus the vitality.  It is thus that we secure and preserve the ability to maintain the clarity of mind that is necessary for the practice of Men Ab(keeping the heart still), and the sense of vitality that supports our willingness to carry out our will.

I chose this story to tell because I love this story and what it represents to me.  I had to leave out so much of the story and commentary because it is very in-depth.  The bottom line to this story is that Heru came into this world to teach us how to overcome our lower part of our spirit to give rise to the higher part of our spirit.  In our higher part of our spirit we are Divine Beings with all the qualities of the Indwelling Intellect (God) just not the same quantity.  Most people do not know they are gods and will never believe it.  They take no responsibility for their actions because they have convinced themselves that they are only human and to participate in human traits is all that they have.
I have seen the light and I know that this is not true.  I express everyday my Divine qualities.  This is not to say that my human qualities do not manifest, they do but I have a goal and I have insight.  I work to overcome those things that no longer serve me to be replaced by things and attitude and action that do serve me.  Heru is my hero and everyday I want to be like him using wisdom to direct my life and living. A special thanks to Ra Un Nefer Amen for assisting me in understanding and living these objectives.
In La'kesh, I am another yourself!

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