"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


When I think of Maat, (pronounced Ma aut) I envision what it means to be composed of pure unadulterated LOVE. This kind of love many of us have yet to experience it.  And yet we know that there is a Love which surpass all we have experienced.  It reminds me of the phase the Divine so created the world they gave us Maat.  Most people, when they think of her, think of the Law she embody.  Those who have studied her, may think of her place in the Judgement hall. There are many scenes on several temples in modern day Egypt or (Kamit as many of us refer to it)  which depicts the scene of judgement the newly decease experience after you live this realm of existence and move on to the next.  They say your heart is judged by your actions in life and it is judged by being placed on a scale and measure against Maat's feather.  If your heart is as light as a feather then you lived a life of love and compassion.  If it is not then your heart is fed to the animals and you will have to return to earth and work at it again to achieve a state wheres you embody the laws and live them absolutely.  I don't know how much of this is true, I do believe we are judged but I believe that we judge ourselves but this is what I have been taught and I honor all of my teachings and the teachers who taught me.  But I am still in reflection about being judged.  If love is who we are and it transcends all time and space then I think why is it so hard for us to truly love.  What keeps us from giving ourselves completely.  What keeps us from loving unconditionally.  Love is what we are inherently.   Love crosses all boundaries of time and space. It is giving and seeking nothing in return. Nothing In Return.  It is an expression of selflessness and it has nothing to do with sex, being intimate or affection.  Love is an executive force of our oneness with all. The spiritual goal of Maat is to become a loving person, just not loving this or that person.  It is to develop a "heart", that is filled with love for all, as an emotional expression of the oneness with all manifested at Ausar.  

Another attribute of Maat is the establishment of Divine Law in the world.  Divine Law is not man law.  These laws assist you in uncovering your true nature.  These laws teach you how to live in the world and how to move through the world.  The world is nothing more than your physical body.  It is not outside of yourself.  Maat is Truth. Truth is another paraphrase for Law.  Truth is the expression of the interdependence and mutual relationship between things.  Truth must be understood, it must be grasped by understanding, by the mind, especially the higher functions of the mind.,  It is the assertion you make about something in regards to its relationship to other things and to the whole. 

Truth is synonymous with Law, Divine Law. And the Divine Laws are the principles of the Tree of Life put into action so that we could cultivate our spirit.  When the Greeks came to (Kamit)Egypt to study, they did not have the word for spirit.  So, they used the African word spiroth, which become the basis of "sphere(as in spheres of the tree of life). So now when people study the Tree of Life, they think of it in terms of sphere instead of spirit.   The Tree of Life was and is our structure, it is our foundation for mastering our spirit.  Many students are taught Kabala.  On the Tree the sphere represent Deities.  These deities are actually  attributes and principles, they are the embodiment of the Laws that were put in place for us to cultivate our spirits.  They are not gods. When I first began to learn Kamitian (Egyptian) philosophy I use to think that Kamit was a polytheism culture but actually they were a monotheism culture. It was another trick to fool you to get you off course and it worked.  The gods are principles but the principles are alive and if you violate them, harm will eventually come to you.  Sometimes almost immediately.  When people violate the law of geb, their physical body becomes jeopardized, continue to violate this principle and you perish. The image of the gods was created to give the people a point of reference since the information was taught to the masses by the priesthood.  They needed a way for the people to relate so the stories were created as a teaching tool.  We understand the deeper meaning of the Tree incorporating those laws in our life on a daily basis.  To live the laws you must first know the laws.  If you are fortunate to participate in the initiation process offered through the Ausar Auset society, you too can experience the laws in action.   So please understand the spheres represent principles, they are not gods, they are stories created to assist us in understanding our spirit and how to move from one level to the next by manifesting the principle in our life and living it always.  This is how you bring power into your world.  This is how you develop power.  It is not easy but it is doable it is our task given to us by the Creator so that we can become strong in the energy that all of us were given since we were created in the likeness of the Creator.  It is all there that is why I know that I am a Divine Being!!

The Tree of Life is nothing more than a system for classifying the influences operating in the spirit of Man and of God.  These influences are experienced by all people as urges or inner drives.  We are all driven, for example by the urge to congregate and unite with others--marriage, family, nations, etc.  This urge originates from the 1st sphere of influence--Ausar of the Kamitic tree, Kether of the Hebraic.  We are all driven by the urge to happiness.   We don't engage in the host of life pursuits for their own sake.  At the end there has to be enjoyment and satisfaction in marriage, careers, mountain climbing, etc.  The urge to happiness is closely allied with the universal drive for inner peace.  No one seeks aggravation.  It is peace that we need for healing and the optimum functioning of our faculties.  This urge originates from the 0 sphere of influence--Amen of the Kamitic Tree, Ain Soph of the Hebrew Tree.  It is this influence in our lives that was mis understood by the Hebrews.  They thought that the Ain Soph is incomprehensible to man.  Truth is, it is the root of the Tree, hence of man's being.  It corresponds to the original unconditioned and undifferentiated state of the energy and substance that is modified (conditioned) to form man's vehicles ('soul,""mind," and body") of manifestation in the world.  It remains at the core of our being beckoning to us to return and/or to manifest it in our daily life.  It is the Hetep of Kamitic spiritual teachings and the Nirvana of Hinduism.  It is our original peaceful state, that we must reclaim and manifest in place of the pain and suffering that robs us of our bid for happiness.

The 11 Laws

Law of Amen
You were made in the likeness of a peace that nothing can disturb.  Reclaim your peace that you may attain your reason for coming into existence--the enjoyment of life.

This axiom infer the fundamental means of preserving the harmony and vitality of the life-force (Ra) is to respond with peace (Hetep-Nirvana) to all challenges in life.  Anger, fear, worry, grief, lust, shyness, etc. all represent disharmony and instability in the life-force.

Law of Ausar
You look like God when you respond in the understanding that no one or nothing can ever be against you, because you are one with all.

This axiom incorporates the true meaning of Selflessness and At-Onement, and establishes the foundation to spiritually share God's Ominpresence and Omnipotent (to be able to spiritually effect others because we are apart of them.  Unity is in full expression.  Ausar is God in manifestation, a mirror image of the Divine.  

The Law of Tehuti
You look like God when

1.  You base your life upon the life optimizing discoveries of science.
2.  You use science to prove and celebrate the existence of divine law and of God
3.  You seek for others what you seek for yourself
4.  What you want for yourself does no harm to others, and better yet, it is of great benefit
     to others.
5.  Live by the Word of God.  You will then share in the omniscience of God. Know that 
     God has provided you with the means of intuiting all that you need to know to meet all
     challenges that are a part of your destiny.

This axiom incorporates that the Word of God should be reflected through all of your thoughts, feeling and actions, then the power of God's spirit and a peace that nothing can challenge will flow through your being.  The ability to perceive Wisdom.  The Divine attribute of Omniscience.

The Law of Sekher
You look like God when you take the time to learn and live according to the destiny that God has provided you in peace and joy.  You will then share in the spiritual power (the Shekhem) of God which will assist you in the realization of all of your goals.

This axiom incorporates knowing the cycles.  There is a time for everything under the sun.  Being able to live within the cycles is the first step in manifesting power in your life.

The Law of Maat
You look like God when your dealings with God, others and the environment adhere to the reciprocal relationship between all things.

This axiom implies your highest act of love is fulling God's need which is why we came into the world.
Only through your love of God can you fulfill your love for others.

The Law of Herukhuti
You look like God when instead of seeking vengeance you allow the law of cause and effect  to automatically restore the balance that has been disturbed; when you hold in your mind thoughts of redemption for the transgressor.

This axiom infer that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protect, that you will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself by your actions and your thoughts.

The Law of Heru
You look like God when you choose, out of a conviction that is based on understanding, to live according to the laws of God, instead of your opinions and feelings.

This axiom infer you have the power but not the right to ignore God's Law.  Choose to follow the law of God with the love and joy that grows out of understanding and the wisdom and power of God's spirit will flow through your being.

The Law of Het-Heru
You look like God when you use your imagination as a tool to transcend your lower nature, and for the attainment of success as a divine being in the world-instead of relying primarily on material resources, and using your imagination as a tool for sensual gratification.

This axiom infer that is we have spiritual (emotional) power we must have a way of invoking it.  This is the function of the images we call into our imaginative sphere.  So the implication here is that it is not what you imagine.  It is who is imagining.  Are you a human or a divine being?

The Law of Sebek
You look like God when you use your verbal expression to affirm your divine attributes, and to glorify God as the source of your success in life, instead of using it to nourish belief in your humanness, your failings, the falsity  of circumstances as controllers of your life, and the glorification of your human talent as the sources of your success.

This axiom infer it is not what you think or what your affirm.  It is who is thinking and affirming.  Are you a human or a divine being?

The Law of Auset
You look like God when you cultivate a devotion to realize your divinity by all necessary righteous means, and at any cost-your life included.

This axiom implies you should prepare to sacrifice everything to become the vessel of God on earth, and you will, in turn, receive everything.

The Law of Geb
You look like God when you conduct your life on earth as a means of developing your divinity through the mastery of earthly circumstances.

This axiom states you must know that from heaven you came and to heaven you will return, seek not enduring works on earth.

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."  But our scriptures--Book of Knowing the Creations of Ra, and of Overthrowing Apep--say, "in the beginning, God brings itself--omnipresence and its powers--omniscience and omnipotence into being.  And then God makes the laws by which all things--man, animals--must live."

In La'kesh, I am another yourself


  1. I am seeking divinty. Ive read the 11 laws a few years ago. I actually forgot about it. Then something brought me back to them. I love your blog. Very informative. Please give us more while you are on your journey

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. I know sometimes I take a long time between post. I probably am in the process of writing about 4 different post but they just have not come together the way I want them to.I will do better and thanks for reading them I really appreciated it.

  3. Aint it funny how life connects people... I fell asleep disturbed and stuck, when i woke up...my soul was telling me 11 laws of god, and 42 laws of maat, which i now will make 45 laws to remind me of my divinity first. Rasheka, i know what type of council you keep, so your blog is confimation to keep these in the forefront of my (focus)! Thank you, I love you!

    1. Those laws well take us far if we use them in our life daily. It is a process that we have to work through. Sometimes I forget to follow them. But then someone reminds we and I say thank you. I am on a journey a never ending journey that is difficult at best sometimes, there are times I want to walk away but I can't where would I go. I love that you read the blog it is very inspiring to me that people get what they need from it and I not write stupid stuff. Thank you and I love you too, In Lak'esh, I am another yourself.

  4. This is information, these are words with most important and CLEAR meanings, presented in a way appealing to people. However NOT for probably about 98% of the World population. Not because the words are not useful, but simply: most people would not even know where they could find such important NEWS, (about themselves), about life, about family/culture/habits/tradition. Today, SUN-day, 8th of September 2013, exactly 22 years LATER for me, in my own personal struggle to SURVIVE that, what did take place 8th September,1991 - I am happy that this website exists, that I was able to READ everything here,with an overwhelming LOAD of NEW impulses to continue working with. I am Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder, Master Metaphsician - Kaya Köyü near Fethiye, TURKEY, 8-9-2013.

  5. Thank you so much for reading the blog and for writing a comment. I am clear the 98% of the people will not know about this site or the information in it. All of us as lightworkers must do our part what ever that part is in helping the 98% find out information outside of themselves that will help them. This site will be found by all who ask for assistance from the Universe. I only write about the things I have experience. These are the things I love and these are the things that are in my life. It is a rich life full of ups and downs and movement. Thank you for being here and please comment as much as you need to, I like dialogue and meeting new people from around the world.