"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Monday, August 22, 2011


One of the most important gifts given to me was the idea of creating my vision for my life.  Although it is something that I have more recently created in my life, it has shown itself to have profound affect in my life on my spirit.  Everyday that I can, I sit and ponder my vision.  In fact when I do this, the Universe always gives me a sign that I am on the right track with my vision.  Your vision is the very essence of who you are and where you are going and what you need to accomplish in your life for yourself.  It is not about a job, or work or things to acquire.  It is not about education or relationships.  It is simply about your interaction with God and yourself.  Who you want to become and what gifts you bring into the world. It gives you the blueprint.  When I first thought about my vision, I had to think about what it is that I strive for in my life everyday.  For me, it has been important that I commune with the Divine everyday.  Then I realize that I want to embody the Divine, to be a channel for the Divine.  I learnt in my younger days that my body is the temple for the Divine.  Now I did not always treat my body in that way even though I knew that.  It was not something that stood out in my thoughts each and every day and even today it does not always stay in my thoughts but, I take each day one day at a time and today I am more determine than yesterday to live life as a Divine Being it is a work in progress.  What that means for me is do those things that keep me in harmony with living.  So here is what I wrote down as the first draft of my vision:

                   " Being a Channel for the Divine by way
                            of the Priesthood"

I thought that this was a good beginning because this thought has always been in my mind.  And the next day when I did my morning reading I pulled the "Channeling Guide" card and I thought WOW!!!  This is what that card said:  "You have a strong ability to communicate the messages and teachings of Divine Beings.  Whether you are aware of it, or not, you are receiving guidance and messages from those of other dimensions of existence.  One of your gifts is having the ability to share these higher teachings with others.  Sometimes you simply speak the words that are needed without even knowing the effect or power of what you have said.  Work on fine tuning this gifts.  Meditate, listen and follow the guidance you receive".  How was that for information.  I was quite pleased.  It was conformation for me.

Everyday I would meditation on my vision and I would find things to read to support it.  Many days information would just come to me as further conformation.  One day as I was studying my vision and realize that it still was not embodying all of what I felt was my life story.  So I need to fine tune it a little further.  You will find that when you create your own vision, it may take some time to come up with the words that exact express your embodiment.  And you will also discover that what you came up with today may change in years as you change and grow.  In my vision there was nothing about the life force, which for us in my community is called RA.  People refer to RA as the Sun God but we who know understands that the energy itself is really the life force.

When I came back to this world I was given the name Barbara.  It was not a name that I particularly like or resonated with but inside of that name was the energy of RA.  I did not recognize this when I was young and eventually changed my name.  But, many years after I changed by name to Rasheka Herr-ra Shenna, I realized that the energy I was seeking was given to me in my first name and that I had not steered to far away from the energy that I came here to develop within myself.  So with that said, I knew that in my vision I needed to also inspire me to continue on the path of developing the RA aspect of my spirit in my life.  So I change my vision to include more of who I am and where I need to go. So here is my second revised vision:

                       "The RA force is strongly expressed through 
                  enabling me to channel the Divine".

So I am liking this more than before.  And as always, the morning after, I read from a book called Healers on Healing and this information came to me.  "You're not doing this shamanistic process just to clear out your head.  You're doing it because you understand that to be on this earth as this time means you have chosen to evolve and to attempt to become enlightened"  "The process of shamanism is the process of becoming a total being, so that you can become a teacher by example, so that in turn you can evolve into a much higher state of awareness.  A healer does not really heal: a healer can only present a mirror".  This got me thinking more about my vision and that there were other things that needed to be included.  So, I meditated on it further as I do on everything to get more clarity.  A few weeks later, I participated in a class that again changed another aspect of my life. And from that change I came up with what I think is a vision that reflect exactly where I need to go in this lifetime.  So here it is:

                        "The RA force is strongly moving through
                 me, enabling me to channel the Divine by
                 living in harmony with a balanced lifestyle
                 that encourages tranquility, wisdom,       
                 habundance, creativity, wholesomeness, and
                 unconditional love".


I know it is a tall order to accomplish but since this is my life, I need something big to cling to.  I read somewhere that is your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough.  This is definitely BIG!!  I share this will you because in my opinion it helps to have a point of reference.  They say you should always know where you came from, and I say you should always know where you are going.  It keep life interesting.  I know that this will probably change as I move forward in my life, no biggy.  I will adjust and keep going.  So this is just a thought I had that I shared with you.  Take or leave it.

In La'kesh, (I am another yourself) Peace, Love and Vision

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