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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala


Saturday, June 4, 2011



In addition to being subtle, mysterious, competent, and responsive, the ancient masters were characterized by patience.  They would remain unmoving until the right action became apparent.  It requires good timing.  Timing is inevitably ruined when the person feels the need to fill in space, to do something just to produce more visible actions.  If we are mindfully exploring some issue, it can be like giving birth.  The mother and the midwife know significant things are happening, but someone peeking into the room once in a while might not pick this up. "Nothing happening yet.  No birth."  The art is to sense when something organic should be trusted, and when something has become disconnected from the thread and needs attention.  When something is developing organically, the next right action inevitable suggest itself, as does the right rhythm for acting.   This is the action of Trust.  When things seem muddy, we can be patient if we believe they will eventually become clear.

"When trust is insufficient, there will be no trust in return."  (Henricks, 17)

Trusting also comes from understanding the Universal will handle the details.  We assume that we know best and we use our thinking minds to figure out how to do something.  We rarely understand or think that the Infinite Intelligence inside of ourselves can guide us to accomplishing what it is that we want to accomplish.  We have to trust that our own Infinite Intelligence is capable of working out the details of a plan that we have put in motion.  Once we sow the seed  and nourish the seed everyday, we do not have to know how the plan is going to work out.  We simply must understand that the plan WILL work out.  The Universe provides the details.

Letting our intuition lead the way does not mean we resign from active participation in life.  Quite the contrary.  When we allow our Infinite Intelligence to guide us, we may be inspired to express ourselves in ways we never would have imagined.  We develop trust in the process, we act with certainty and feel the confidence of receiving benefit from whatever events occur.

One point I must stress, is that when I say the Universal handles the details it does not mean the details we assign to It.  When our rational minds take control, we create a reflection of our perception that we are smarter than our Infinite Intelligence.  This only brings on struggle and other discomforts.  Only by surrendering to our Infinite Intelligence can we trust that the Universe will handle the details in ways that are truly supportive of us and everyone else.

The other part of this principle  is when we each express our talents freely, all the tasks necessary to support our free expressions are handled efficiently and smoothly.  Moreover, the products and services that come out of this pure expression of love are of the highest quality.

When we express from our essence, the Universe supports us at the deepest level.  We are then free to share our talents with confidence, joy and true creative energy.

Understanding this principle will require that we give up our present beliefs.  Many of us believe that life is a struggle and that we have to figure things out, these thoughts may be entrenched, but that does not make them true.  The truth is that the Universe gives us signals every moment, and as we learn to listen and follow these signals, we find that things fall into place in what often seem miraculous ways.  

From our limited vantage point, in the world of illusion, we can see only certain variables, options or possibilities from which to choose.  From the much more expansive vantage point of Infinite Intelligence, all variables are known.  

We all have felt the joy and freedom that comes from spontaneous occurrences.  Learning to trust in the loving support of our Universe can take time, but the benefits are well worth it, for we can enjoy not only the Universe handling the details, but the spontaneity that comes from developing TRUST in the Universe which in turn will allow us to trust each other in time as we grow in our understanding that we are all one.  In La'kesh, I am another yourself.

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