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Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

THE SHEPSU (The Honored Ancestors)

In my spiritual tradition there is a special group of spirits that guide us, give insight, nurture us, protect us and shine the light upon the path for us.  They are usually always from your family line, not your immediate family but the line of your ancestors who walk the earth thousand of years ago, before you or with you or after you.  We call them the honor dead those spirits that do not have to come back to this realm because they completed this realm long ago.  They travel the galaxy and assist the Neteru (Deities) and whom ever but most importantly they assist us.  Many people call them their angels or guides, the voices they hear in their heads or the symbols they see or the dreams they have when they understand that they are receiving a message or something maybe a warning or whatever.  We call them our Shepsu, the Honor Dead and we bow down to them.  They are the most wonderful experience that can happen to you if you allow the commune between the two of you to unfold.  I have been in communication with my shepsu since the 80's and it has been fabulous.  They have my back always.  They teach me, instruct me and guide me through the maze of life.  They inspire me and show me the future, the past and the present.  As time is not linear it is circular.

"A light shines forth like a star from the heavens
revealing the wisdom of the ancient ones. I rest
 on the sturdy foundation of knowledge that comes
from a past wholly lived, and I fell supported"

For me personally, I have more than 8 shepsu that work with me.  I am told that there are many many more that I am not aware of who also work with me. I have since learned that because I am IX(prounched ISH), a white wizard, my spirit dwells in the north, the home of the ancestors so when I leave my body at night this is where it goes.  Fascinating huh.  Anyway, Shepsu are real, whatever you call them they exist.  It is common to discount your imagination as something frivolous and to believe yourself to be"making things up." My sheps once said to me when did you become so smart.  If you can make things up in your life which brings forth profound inner changes that create happy lives and  change the world, then that my friend is real.  If you allow your rational mind to convince you the your Guides are not real, then only through your experiences over time will you see otherwise.  Your personal Guide will lead you through experiences that will bring you to the exact sense of knowing what is right for you at just the right time you need it.

The first lesson by your guide that you are being taught, is to trust yourself.  Trust your own inner experience.  Your self-confidence in your own spiritual journey is what builds the bridge to working with the Higher Beings.  Their hands reach out to those who sincerely seek.  If you seek to live truth, higher love, and compassion, then you prepare yourself for meeting those who exemplify those virtues.

Shepsu or guides come to us to help us because it is their particular area of universal service and personal evolution to help their lines, the Earth and her beings.  They come to you according to your readiness and willingness to work with them.  It is import for you to remember that they do want to work with you.  They give guidance so that it can be carried out.  Shepsu/Guides will of course, never tell you to do anything against your moral principles, but may ask you to transcend some of your limitations about how much good it is possible for you to accomplish.

Your Guides will be able to transmit total love to you, an overwhelming feeling of cosmic blessing or grace will emanate from their presence.  All spirits on the other side are bound to truth.  You must remember the Law of Attraction, when calling your Guides to you.  How you live your life and your thoughts will attract a mirror copy of yourself.  If you are not housing the thoughts of Love then you may not want to call in your Guides, other spirit do live in realm accessible to you.  You do have the power to instantaneously dismiss any unwelcome spirit just by telling it to go away and giving it no further attention.

Shepsu will direct you toward one life purpose.  They will not change their mind about what that is.  They will be glad to answer questions and provide details as you need them  They are not the culmination of your journey to the Infinite Intelligence, but an important way and a bringer of love and wisdom, acceptance, forgiveness and boundless inspiration toward more and more wondrous realms.  You are certain to fall in love with them.  Don't be afraid to build the bridge of imagination so that they may find their way to you.  It is well work your time and energy at least is was for me.   In Lake'sh, I am another yourself.

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  1. Hello Sistah Rasheka Herr-ra Shenna

    As one in the wilderness and a long time practitioner or at least one that is aware of the Great in my opinion Ra Un Nefer Amen I.

    It's been many years that i'm in this struggle and remember the words of our King. If one one in a perfect situation 70 years might be the limit for one to reach Ausar. This is not a determent for me and I blame myself for my progress or lack there of.

    Through ceremony of the oracle of Neter, I gained the title Shepsu and name Tera Netcheb Maa. I think since and before I was one protected by the ancestor and Divine Law directs my heart and would honor being a Shepsu.

    I just feel I don't meet up due to my lack of determinism or discipline. I feel most often I give or advise ways that I can not obtain for myself.

    I'm not sure that my giving is the cause of my depression or wanting to go from here and star jump en neter.

    Are we able to talk? One to another in the same system we recognize? Can you help me gain my direction?


    Shepsu Tera NetchebMaa