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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Omnipresence of God's Omniscience

                                        I am always uncovering how I am everyday. I search for truth and I am eager to know my higher self. So every morning when I start my meditation I call my higher self back to me to participate in the meditation with me.  In fact, in most things I do through the day I call on my higher self.  Especially when I am facilitating  energy work with clients, I need the higher energy to come in and assist the client to have the experience they need for their healing.  Do you know that when you came to this plane of existence that only part of you  came and the rest of you stay in the spirit world?  The part of you that does stay in the spirit world is there to help you remember who you are.  So, since I know I am a Divine Being, I envision manifesting these qualities all of the time.  Divine Wisdom (Omniscience) and Divine Power (Omnipotent) are my highest aspirations.  They are the polarity of each other.  And you know my work is Polarity Energy Work.  The Yin and the Yang, the Male and the Female. And, I dig them both.

We often speak about Kamit (Ancient Egypt) doing the time when it was at it's peak.  The greatness of Kamit.  It is wonderful to know that many of us today lived during that period and contributed so much to the world that we enjoy these accomplishment today.  But when I think about Kamit, I don't think about the accomplishment of those days or the people of those times.  I think about us.  I recall that we are those people today.  We came back at this time to restore those teaching.  We are those people, those ancestors, those deities and we are the greatness of Kamit, Cush, Nubia and so on.  What we knew then, is still available to us now it is however, dormant in the processes of our mind. We have to go in to our minds and uncover the information and the problem now is that we do not know how to uncovered the information from ourselves.  In our cerebellum, we have 10 million years of history inside of ourselves.  Many of us just don't know how to access it.  That is why we are called the Sleeping Gods here on planet earth.  Even for those of us who are conscious, we are still asleep or in a dream state.  We need to know how to manipulate our unconscious mind for it is there that all the answers to our question lay.  But, so many of us are caught up in the day to day part of our lives.  The drama.  The Television, the movies and all of those things that keep you from going within and accessing yourself.  It takes a lot of time to do that.  Going within takes work and commitment and most of us won't stay still long enough to know who we really are.  I employ you to develop yourself.  It is the only way to go beyond what is being offer to you.  You have to claim what you want and then take it.  Not ask for it, CLAIM IT!!!

I have had the great fortune to have been taught Kabala.  When we think of the Kabala, we think that it is jewish cosmogony, nothing could be further from the truth.   It is cosmogony and it does not belong to any one group of people.  It is our heritage and it is our right to know it.  So, when you read this blog I will always tell you to do your research if you are looking for answers, ask the Universe the questions and you will be pointed in the right direction.  This is something you can trust.  Your guides are there to help you and waiting for you to ask the questions. So with that said lets keep going with my thought. To know more about yourself, you need to study cosmogony.  Cosmogony is the study of the Cosmos and "As above, so below."  When the Infinite Intelligence created the world(s) there was a whole system put in place.  The Infinite Intelligent did not just go from itself to people.  Things had to unfold.  It is just like having a baby you don't get pregnant today and tomorrow have the baby.  There is a whole lot to understanding the Universe.  We have planes of operations, divisions of the spirit and spheres on the Tree of Life.  They all teach us who we are and give us insight into the vast depth of dimension
which comprises the Universe.  With that said, I would like to turn my attention to Tehuti known as  the mouth piece of God.  Some people refer to Tehuti as Thoth others as Hemes Trismegistus and yet other call him Djehuti . From the Browder files (Tony Browder), Tehuti (Thoth another name for him and the origin of the word thought ) explained that when the Greeks colonized Kamit in 332bc they change the Neteru Tehuti's name to Hermes Trismegistus.  Later, when the Romans came they changed the name to Mercury.  Both Hermes and Mercury were messager gods to the Greeks and Roman, Tehuti was and is still so much more.  Greek and Roman lineage never produced the vast array of knowledge that came out of Kamit even though they claim it as their own. It is not!!!  In my teaching and understanding, I refer to him as Tehuti and I will explain why a little later in the discussion.  Tehuti is that aspect of God that is Omniscience.  All knowing.  He comes in to play on the 2nd sphere on the Tree of Life. 

Tehuti along with Ausar and Seker-t make up the upper triad on the Tree of  Life, they represent our Divine qualities that all of us have within us, like I have said we are Divine Beings.  However, it is difficult to access the information if you have not cultivated your self.  Living in your lower self will not access your higher self.

Ra Un Nefer Amen says in his book, Cosmologics I states that "Tehuti is omniscience.  To be ignorant is to be nescient.  Nescient is ignorance.  And the word nescient modifies the word science.  Science means to know.  Omniscient is to be all-knowing.  You must distinguish between knowing and being informed.  You read a book about God.  You read the Bible; you read the Koran, you read the Metu Neter, you know about God, but you still don't know God.  To read about something is not an act of knowing that something.  You can read about what it is like to visit Africa but until you make the trip you will never know what it is like.  Knowing is an act of experiencing.  Tehuti  is knowing all things--meaning experiencing.  One of the biggest misconceptions in this western society people confuse the gathering of information with knowing.  You go to school for eight years, you get a masters degree, a doctor's degree; you received information.  That by itself doesn't constitute knowing.  And one of the biggest causes of mischief in the world is the failure to understand that receiving information is not the same thing as knowing.  God is concealed, hidden in all things.  God is the Supreme metaphysical reality.  So, knowing God is a non-physical insperience.  So to know God, you must take your consciousness back to its original state of being. The second sphere on the Tree of Life is the god, Tehuti--meaning that faculty within you has the capacity of omniscience,  capable of intuitively willing all that there is, that you need to know.

When you walk up to a wo/man who has awakened the second sphere and say this is the life problem I am trying to solve, the sage will be able to intuitively see what is connecting and what is not about your situation, and find a solution, without having to be informed from the outside.  Knowing is a process that takes place without thoughts, because you have to get beyond thoughts.  Thoughts are either incomplete and if they're are complete, they cannot capture, ever, the full reality of the thing that they're symbolizing.

So, if you want to know something, you have to still the thinking process, because thoughts are always limiting, and they are impediments to the thinking process.  Meditation shuts down the thinking process.  When you are successfully meditating, you get to that point where there are no thoughts and you find your self looking directly at  reality.  This is the moment that Zen initiates call Satori or enlightenment--it is the Khu in Khamitic spirituality.  So, don't confuse getting information with being wise or knowing.  

Tehuti, the part of you that knows, is able to assign a quantity to your ideas, to your customs, to your actions.  A weight, an objective measure to the ideas you hold about morality, about philosophy, about family, about any and everything, the Tehuti part of your Being, the wisdom part of your Being is able to translate it into a science.  This is why the Kamitic scholars were able to state that Truth is unalterable and universal.  

Hidden in the name of Tehuti is three important aspect of the Deity.  This is one of the things I love about the Ancients.  They knew that other people would some day conquer Kamit.  Everything has to recycle.  First, you have the sun on top and then the moon.  Our  problem has always been that we don't know how to function when we are in the moon part of the cycle.  We don't understand cycles and we think we should be on top all the time.  There is something to be said for the moon cycles, which we need as well as the sun cycles.  So all great nations fall and are reborn.  The Ancient left plenty of signs of this and how you should function but most of us are not paying attention, so when the nation falls, we fall also. In Tehuti name is Tehu which is to measure and Ti which means double. Tehuti means double measure.  You have to be able to measure all things, this is the law of the universal.  God speaks though measurements.  That is why Sacred Geometry is so important, it is the language of the Divine.  We have to understand that there is no right or wrong, good or bad.  Man in his limited understanding subjected these actions.   And now the whole world is confused and fighting over things that really have no importance because they do not exist.   That is why, in my community when we want to know something we consult the oracles which are govern my Tehuti. We go directly to Tehuti and receive counsel.  We do this until we are able to activate that part of our spirits, once the level is  reached,  you become Tehuti.  This is the goal in life, period!!!  The goal is to activate your spirit to the high level available.  Also in the name is Hum.  This is his mantra and it is how you activate the energy in your spirit.  Now understand this it takes years  and even lifetimes to cultivate this energy.  You have to live a certain lifestyle to reach this level.  You will have to let go of your emotions and most of us love our emotions.  You have to move beyond being Human and most of us love being Human. You will not be given anything that you do not deserve even if you chant Hum everyday.

The most sublime, the most profound, that requires a whole book by itself, is Tehuti as the measure.  The smallest thing that Tehuti did was to create mathematics and astronomy, meaning the measurement of that which is easily measured--physical reality.  The greatest accomplishment of Tehuti, or the great sages of the shrine 
of Tehuti, is not even the oracle, not even the Metu Neter that he gave to the world.  The greatest accomplishment was the science of measuring princples; measuring religious values, moral values.  Once you introduce that thing to the social arena, then you don't sit down and argue whether this is wrong or this is right.  You weigh it.  You don't argue, "Is it a pound?' You weigh it. and then you know. 

The mathematical designs and interdependence seen in all events and structures in the world gives evidence of the presence of God's intelligence everywhere in the world.  Always keep in mind that this intelligence is always ready to assist you whenever you are experiencing adversity.  It is received through oracles and Divine Law (Word of God) and through true intuition (Voice of God).

 So all the world need to rid itself of its unending battles is the SCALE for weighing word and deeds--THE WISDOM OF TEHUTI.  In Lake'sh, I am another yourself.


For more information of Tehuti, please refer to Ra Un Neter Amen's books on the Metu Neter.  He has been my teacher for more than 20 years and I am honored to have been one of his students.

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