"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Friday, May 27, 2011


I ran cross this information some time ago and I found the information to be fascinating.  Actually, It was some information given out in my Universal Laws class.  The tones are your state of consciousness.  So if you think it does not matter what your state of consciousness is or if you think it is okay to be were you are in your consciousness you might want to reconsider.  Now I know that where you are is where you are and it is perfect and okay.  But, for me it is important  to move my consciousness to a high level of consciousness everyday because staying in the same place is not okay with me.  Some days are better than others but everyday I make the attempt to move my consciousness so that I vibrate on a higher level than the day before.  You, my friend can do what you will but at least you will know the information.  Ignorance of the law does not make the law go away, it just make one ignore-rant.  If you have other information on this please share it with us.  WHERE DO YOU FALL IN PLACE ON THE TONE SCALE?
Look below at the different categories and see if you resonate with a particular category.

+ CHRIST MAN (Melkesatic) complete man works in group consciousness for humanity

+MYSTIC  Sees how truth prevails everywhere as above, so below

+PROPHET   Wisdom, state of being, teacher

+CLAIRVOYANT Clear thinking, seeing things as they are, seeing life as it is

+ARTIST   See the relationship in all things engage in the art of being

+ENTHUSIASM (Bliss) Love Mankind speech is gentle

+VITAL INTEREST Great sense of humor, sober, interested in life

+CONTENTMENT  Body flabby, people generally like them okay, no sickness, no aging

-BORDOM  Occasion illness, always tired, sloppy in personal habits.

-ANGER  Fast heart beat, high blood pressure, Pot belly antagonistic, war & punishment, can be 

-HELD RESENTMENT  Sped up heart, cramp, skin dry under weight sarcastic

-FEAR   Glandular system is sluggish, obese- holding on preparing for worst

-APATHY  Regrets in the past, self pit

-COMA  Unconscious


These categories are pretty self explanatory.  I remember in class when we first read this information my classmates had a lot of questions.  When you understand that Fear is so close to Death and Coma it makes you wonder all about what are you fearing.  After all Fear is False Evidence Appearing as Real.  This society wants people to remain in fear.  When you hold on to the worst, the worst will happen.  That is the Law of Attraction.  What you focus on you create.  I changed my focus!!!

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