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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hear No Evil: The Three ManKind or Kind of Man

The Sahu Man/The Inferior Man
My friend says to me all the time that she does not belief what people say to her simply because they said it but, she would like to read it for herself before she believes it.  I thought to myself her position on this was interesting.  I know we are in information overload, one should be cautious in believing everything  they hear and read because most information reported today infer a particular accuracy but upon further investigation  the information has left out much of the truth about something. People are being programmed to think a particular way.  I usually can feel within my gut if something has some merit of truth and then I will ponder on it until I get the answers  I need to verify the information for myself.  So as I was thinking about my friend, I remembered a tape that I listened to saying when you need printed material to prove to yourself that something is real and that if you can't read it, it does not exist then you are govern by your intellect and stuck in the 3rd circuit of the brain.  The Bird brain.  (There are seven circuits in the brain). So this was very interesting to me because the tape also said that most people today are stuck in the 3rd circuit of the brain which is actually quite low in the whole scheme of things.  We like to say eating low from the tree.  

So, I was thinking about this blog and what I should write about next and from a meditation, I realize I should write about the three types of men. The Sahu Man, The Ab Man and the Ba Man.  This information comes from the Metu Neter (by Ra Un Nefer Amen) and it always put things in there proper perspective for me.  I think this information is useful as a foundation as I begin to write about Universal Laws.  So here we go.   There are seven divisions of the spirit.  A Sahu Man is one whose consciousness dwell only within the 5th and 6th division of the spirit.  The behavior of man in the 6th division of the spirit is bases on the animal part of the spirit.  The brain stem, the reptilian part of the brain.  Here you only understand basic instinct and survival.  It also corresponds to the root chakra dealing with the tribe, the 2nd chakra dealing with your creativity and the 3rd chakra dealing with your power base.  The governing principle here is sensualism as it should be bases on our sense.  We should utilize this part of our spirit until we are 28 years old and then move on.  The 5th division houses the 9th, 8th and 7th spheres.  Here in the 9th sphere is where we learn through imitation, in the 8th sphere we learn the ability to give concrete verbal form to feelings, beliefs and knowledge.  In the 7th, we learn to coordinate things based on their external forms.  Colors, shapes, rhythms people, etc. are arranged into aesthetic or functional wholes.  This is our faculty for artistic and scientific invention.  Our problem is that the whole world for the most part is still stuck in these lower spheres.  They don't know reason, justice and compassion or unconditional love which takes us to the Ab Man.

The Ab Man/The Superior Man

Around the age of 28, if we lived in a society that encourage spiritual growth and development,  we would normally develop the 4th division of our spirit.  The Ab part of our spirit.  In ancient times people who reached the age of 28 were then considered Adults.  They were then able to take their place in society and hold office.  By this age, people had been trained in the mystery schools separated and taught how to bring their ego under control and how to manifest competency as citizen in society.  Moving through the chakra system you would then be at the heart level and experiencing compassion and unconditional love, justice recognizing that all things have a right to exist and reason.  We begin to use our intellect for the develop of the higher part of our spirit instead of involve with our emotions for the sensual part of the spirit.  The 4th and 5th spheres possess the ability to perceive the abstract principles underlying and uniting things and events in the world.  They enable the person to transcend the emotions and mental functions of the lower parts of the spirit.  The Sahu Man  believes that the will is "the power of choosing the course of one's destiny,"  that it is the expression of one's wishes or desires, etc. are full of flaws.  People's "choices" and wishes are primarily underlaid by their emotions and sensuous feelings,  it cannot be argued that their will is at work in such instances.  At the 6th sphere, the Will is free of emotional and sensuous motivations and is based on knowledge or beliefs.  At the 6th sphere one understand that the Will comprises of the freedom to choose to live for the gratification of the lower divisions of the spirit, or according to the divine laws governing the higher/true part of one's being.  When the person realizes that he or she does not have to obey the emotional nature, and lives according to truth then the will is being exercised.  So the true function of the will is to deny the animal part of our spirit.

The Ba Man/The Sage

Once the faculties of the Ab division of the spirit are perfected, the person is able to move on to raising her/his consciousness to the divisions of the spirit wherein dwell Man's God-like faculties.  At the 3rd division of the spirit dwells the Omnipotent aspect of the Divine.  Here you can influence the course of physical events through the use of words of power; however, this power will not be developed as long as man is under the influence of emotions and appetites.  At the 2nd division, the Khu, the principle of Ominscience, the person acquires wisdom and the power to learn from her/his spirit. Knowledge is perceived without the use of thought.

The Ba part of the spirit is the highest part of the spirit. Here one focuses it's consciousness on the realization that her/his Self is one and the same as that dwelling in all things, as well as being one with God, we experience our true Self, Omnipresence is implied.  Here it is beyond thinking and believing it is knowing. The evolved  (wo)man directly experiences-- knows--her/his divinity  in the same manner that we all experience our arms, legs, etc.  Intellection is neither required or useful. There are many who have reached this level of enlightenment in their lives for they have dedicated themselves to the practice of knowing themselves.  I for one have not reached this level of enlightenment but I am actively pursuing this state of being in my person.  One of the misconceptions we adhere to is that our body and our mind is one.  This is far from the truth.  I remember the first time I realize that my mind and my body were separate.  I was laying in bed and I was awaken by a noise in the room, I was wondering where the noise I was hearing.  As I listen closer, I discovered that it was my body snoring.   My body was still asleep but my mind was full conscious.  It was an awesome discovery for me.  

Each (wo)man can attain her/his power to the degree of her/his ability to consciously realize him/herself as God.  Since all the ancient text tell us that our true Self is in the likeness of God then we must take it upon ourselves to explore what that actually mean.  We must raise our consciousness to higher and higher level of vibration.  If we do not know how to do this then we must begin to ask the question and seek the answers.  We have a lot to experience so get busy!!!  In Lakesh, I am another yourself.

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