"There is no Passion to be found PLAYING SMALL, in settling for a LIFE that is less than the one you are capable of Living.....
Red Solar Dragon, Nelson Mandala

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Awaking Shakti

As we Age, how beautiful are We.....


Beneath The Sweater And The Skin
How many years of beauty do I have left?
she asks me.
How many more do you want?
Here. Here is 34. Here is 50.
When you are 80 years old
and your beauty rises in ways
your cells cannot even imagine now
and your wild bones grow luminous and
ripe, having carried the weight
of a passionate life.

When your hair is aflame
with winter
and you have decades of
learning and leaving and loving
sewn into
the corners of your eyes
and your children come home
to find their own history
in your face.

When you know what it feels like to fail
and have gained the
to rise and rise and rise again.

When you can make your tea
on a quiet and ridiculously lonely afternoon
and still have a song in your heart
Queen owl wings beating
beneath the cotton of your sweater.

Because your beauty began there
beneath the sweater and the skin,

This is when I will take you
into my arms and coo
you've come so far.

I see you.
Your beauty is breathtaking.

~ Jeannette Encinias

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Loving Yourself

Just Sharing This Thought

"When you give yourself
the dignity of your own love,
as if you were royalty receiving
the accolades of the people
everything changes...

"The most difficult thing for most of you
is making the commitment to 
believe you deserve love.

"No one else has to love you.
You are not here to go around
gathering love from other people
to convince yourself that you are worth it.

"By committing to love yourself and
making this commitment the number-one step
from which you operate everyday,
everything falls into place.

"You become whole and complete."

~Barbara Marciniak from

Bringers of the Dawn:

Teachings from the Pleiadians

In La'Kesh (I am another yourself)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Symptoms of Enlightment

 Food for Thought!!!

"According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightment, just two indicators that a transformation is taking place within you towards a higher consciousness.  The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, and more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point when you actually experience the miraculous."
~~Charlie Moore

In La'Kesh (I am another yourself) Food for thought!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Melanin Metamorphosis

I am the kind of person that will take my life in my own hands so that I can develop into the person I have come to earth to be.  So anything that will further my spiritual development along often appeals to me.  I will fast for long periods of time just to see what that looks like, I will move to places that claim to have great energy like Sedona, Arizona, I have attended lots of classes, learned how to meditate, participate in a Brain Balances program, went back to, a Holistic School where I studied Polarity Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy, Yoga Nidra, and Massage Therapy,  studied chinese herbs, created herbal formulas, vaginal steaming and a host of other things.  My friends are always amazed at the things I will do and the lengths I will take to move my life along.  So here is the latest thing and I am so proud of it, I needed to share it with all of you.  I do this because you have to go to great lengths sometimes to get what you want out of life and you can not be afraid.  You are GOD, a Divine Being and you are here to unlock the mysteries that are embedded in you.  Everything about the Universe is locked inside of you.  You don't have access to it but it is there.  You got to learn how to access it and a great teacher should be able to help you but finding a great teacher is the major problem.

Recently, I discover a Guru in India, actually I did not discover him at all, on my path to enlightenment in this life time things are naturally coming into my life.  These things are there to assist me in my growing process because I asked the Universe for it.  I get it when it is time and when I can engage in it.  I am quite intrigue with Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji)  I am now studying with him and soon I will visit India where he lives.  At the local temple here in DC, I had an experience that I want to share with all of you.  One of his disciples gave me a healing using an Atman Lingan that Swamiji gives to all who participates in the programs in India where he initiates you in to super consciousness.  This Lingan has   the pure consciousness of Swamiji which he transferred into it.  So it was like receiving Swamiji energy on you. She held the Lingan in my crown chakra and chanting for about 3 minutes. Then she told me to sit still for a few minutes before getting up which I did, once I got up I notice my eyes were running and I thought interesting.  But, the next morning, I woke up to looking like this:
I could not believe I was looking like this. I was complete stopped up and could hardly breath.  I felt aweful. But this was just the beginning. I then went to looking like this:

As it was progressing. People thought it was an allergic reaction to something I ate or the seasonal changes, I knew it was not but I don't tell them is was the result of healing.
So, it went to the next few pictures:

I am not looking like my self, I am not feeling well and nothing I did made it better. My eyes felt like they were closing up, it was hard to see out of them. My skin felt like sandpaper, dry and cracking. What was worst,  I could not use any kind of oil on my face, even water was painful.  Nothing was working!! 
I stayed in the house waiting for this to pass, not wanting anyone to see my monster face, it was very unpleasant.  But, I never lost faith in the process of healing or the person who did the healing. Sometime you just have to go through the FIRE!!!  So from  here we go is the absolute worst of this as it as been almost a month of the transformation:

At this point my transformation had been going on for a month and I felt it was time to make sure I was ok.  People thought that it was allergies or something I ate.  I knew it was a profound healing but I did not go into detail. My doctor is an Allopathic doctor whom also practices Holistically.  She knew I did not want to be on steroids so she put me on the Omegas 3,5,6,7,9,12.  It worked because my whole body was inflamed and it began to calm down my body and my skin began to heal.  The Vitamin C serum also helped and the MCT oil.  It just took a few days and I was feeling better and looking like myself although, I sheadded many years off my face.

 What a transformation, everything in my body was transformed down to the cellular level! The results from my blood work was that everything was really good.  I still need to watch the hypertension, vitamin d and iron was low. I am so proud of myself going through the fire, to claim my Divine Beingship.  I know there is more to come because there is much more work to be done.  But, this I would do again because healing must take place.  And I am not afraid!!!

In La'Kesh, (I am another yourself) Peace, Love and Transformation Everyone!!!

Summer Solstice 2018

Can you feel it?  Life racing along fuller and faster?  Earth's bounty flourishes.  Fruit ripens while flowers glisten shamelessly in the heat of the sun.  Ripe Mother, lush, abundant, sultry and swollen, chivvies us along in the frenzy of Her sacred play.  "Beauty is necessary," she says.  "Take pleasure in loving your world." Peering through Her (inter)Net, find abundant proof that across cultures wemoon splendidly embody this creative surge.  Share admiring tales and reflections in the glow of summer's light!  Present unflinching revelations of our innate splendor! Relish this Dazzling Divine fever--because it's about to change.  Here, at the "full moon of the year," while exalting the longest day, we pivot and bid farewell to waxing light.  While summer still shimmers, collage a colorful and cooperative future for our world.  Then make your leap of faith in its arrival.  Raise power with laughter and sighs of pleasure, with shouts and spins, and when the spiral peaks, Leap! With faith and one great cackling whoop, enter the waxing dark.
 Marian Spadone, Mother Tongue Ink 2012

For me the Summer Solstice is the other time when your spirit is open and most receptive to suggestion and reprogramming.  For 4 days, we rest and sleep, visualize and program in our spirits the events, ideas and desires we want to manifest in our life. It is a great time to give yourself a reboot and start a new. In fact, following the cycles of the year keeps you in touch and in harmony with the natural flow of the Universe.  There are specific things that happen each step along the way. Just like when you are planting a garden, there are specific times when you should plant a particular plant or when it is in harvest.  So too, does your spirit work the same way. Now is the time to set your intentions of what you want to sow into your spirit at the Winter Solstice.  In the fall at the Autumn Equinox, it will be the time to create a plan of what it will take to manifest the intentions you set at this time of the year.  You will 3 months to gather all the information you need to work your plan.  At the Winter Solstice you will sow the great seeds into your spirit.  You will have 4 days of deep sleep and meditation to do that.  If you are successful in your ability to sow your seeds, by the Spring Equinox, you should see those seeds sprouting and manifesting.  This is our the magic works.  This is living in the cycles of life that was created for us.  If you know how things work, you can then create the magic.  So go ahead and set those great intentions now!!!

In LaKesh, (I am another yourself)

Saturday, May 26, 2018


There are so many writings out there to inspire us to move our life forward so that we can have the full experience of life to be happy, free, authentic. And with all situations one need to weigh  what is right for them, what will move their life forward, how does it affect others around you, and did you create the situation you are moving away from.  I say this because just as you are responsible for your life, you are also responsible for your mistakes and sometimes you have to wait until the timing is right to move forward but with this said, you must have the courage to go forward and start again.  Here are some beautiful expressions, that I practice in my life, The words were written by the author Rania Naim. Of course, I saw it on my facebook page from one of my groups of inspiration, Wild, Women Sisterhood.  It is a group that most times think outside of the box.  Thinking out side of the box deeply touches my soul.  I don't know how I got this way but it is at the very foundation of my soul.  I am looking forward to knowing the other aspect of myself that are still hidden from me.  But, not for much longer now because I have been asking for help and help has presented itself.  So so happy about it and my growth.

You're allowed to leave any story you don't find yourself in.  You're allowed to leave any story you don't love yourself in.

You're allowed to leave a city that has dimmed your light instead of making you shine brighter, you're allowed to pack all your bags and start over somewhere else and you're allowed to redefine that meaning of your life. 

You're allowed to quit the job you hate even if the world tells you not to and you're allowed to search for something that makes you look forward to tomorrow and to the rest of your life.

You're  allowed to leave someone you love if they're treating you poorly, you're allowed to put yourself first if you're settling and you're allowed to walk away when you've tried over and over again but nothing has changed.

You're allowed to let toxic friends go, you're allowed to surround yourself with love, and people who encourage and nurture you.  You're allowed to pick the kind of energy you need in your life.

You're allowed to forgive yourself for the biggest and smallest mistakes and you're allowed to be kind to yourself, you're allowed to look into the mirror and actually like the person you see.


We sometimes look at leaving as a bad thing or associate it as giving up or quitting, but sometimes it is the best thing you can do for yourself.  Leaving allows you to change directions, start over or rediscover yourself and the world. Leaving sometimes keeps you from staying stuck in the wrong place and with the wrong people.

Leaving opens a new door for change, growth, opportunity and redemption. You always have the choice to leave until you find where you belong and what makes you happy.

You are even allowed to leave the old you behind and re-event yourself.

                                                                                           ~~Rania Naim

In Lak'esh (I am another yourself) Peace, Love and Allowance....


Friday, May 18, 2018

My SuperHeroes

 The Women that I Love
and admire for their strength
and grace, did not get that way
because shit worked out.

They got that way, 
because shit went wrong
and they handled it. They
handled it in a thousand
different ways, on
a thousand different days,
but they handled it.

Those women are 

~~Elizabeth Gilbert

In La'Kesh (I am another yourself)